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How Selena Gomez’s Mexican roots inspired the ‘Murders in the Building Only’ wardrobe

How Selena Gomez’s Mexican roots inspired the ‘Murders in the Building Only’ wardrobe

Keeping in mind their Mexican heritage, costume experts chose to go with the colors that represent their culture since the murders in the building alone.

The news was presented by AND! News And according to their findings, costume designer Dana Gowerrupias took every detail into account, especially Selena Gomez, when working on the costumes for the actresses of the murders alone in the building.

In an interview, Dana “wove that Mexican culture a little bit” in the role of Mabel Mora, resulting in a tribute to wonder.

For the unconverted, Dia de los Muertos is a celebratory event that celebrates the lives of the deceased and is often celebrated with photos and marigolds.

She was also quoted as saying, “We decided how to use marigold as an influence on her character. [include Mexican elements] Being the most powerful symbol of Mexican culture, it symbolizes pain and resurrection, but it also symbolizes curiosity and creativity.

In the end, “we thought we could use it [the color of marigold] His entire wardrobe as a sign. “

“In the city, you can feel very vulnerable when you are a young woman, so we look at her entire outfit as some kind of armor.”

“Coats were part of that, boots were part of that, we’ll always be thick, you know, a fierce battle start. Even when we combine it with cute miniskirts. “

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