How Sexy! Diego Boneta Sets Fire to the Networks by Appearing Shirtless

Diego Boneta is experiencing a great artistic moment.

The Mexican actor who gives life to ‘Luis Miguel’ in the Netflix series caused a great uproar by showing himself enjoying a sunny day without a shirt, delighting his millions of followers

Diego Boneta has set fire to his social networks with his latest publication that caused great uproar among his followers and is that he showed off his statuesque body without a shirt while taking a sunbath.

The young actor at his young age has a long career in the world of entertainment since from his childhood he had the opportunity to work on large projects that have given him the ‘boards’ to today be one of the most sought-after gallants in the medium.

Undoubtedly what has led him to establish himself as a great actor and interpreter has been his phenomenal participation in the Luis Miguel bio series where he has managed to conquer a generation of fans in love with the ” Sun of Mexico ” who have been impressed with the ability to become and project so much talent on the screen.

In a recent publication to his Instagram account, he has been seen in a heavenly place from Punta Mita, Mexico enjoying the sunny day and posing for the camera in royal blue shorts, leaving his admirers enchanted with his gaze.

“ A few weeks ago in Punta Mita clinging to life. I will not let go, “he wrote under the photo.

The post has reached more than 315 thousand likes and thousands of messages from fans, who have filled him with compliments, compliments for his monumental gallantry, and even declarations of love.

” You want to make a mooring “, ” Lord forgive me for this zoom “, ” Do you want to be my boyfriend? “,” What if you better marry me? “,” Whoever sea “,” Is all that yours? “,” Don’t you want me to put the suntan lotion on you? “, Expressed some users.


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Who occupies the heart of the actor?

Although Diego is very discreet in his personal life, it has been rumored for a few months that he could be enjoying a beautiful romance with the actress Renata Notni whom we have seen in series like ” The Dragon “.

For months they were linked but there was never any confirmation from any of them, although they left clues that they could be together since it coincidentally coincides that they went on vacation to the same places or attended the same events.

It was not until a few days before the premiere of ” Luis Miguel: La Serie ” that their courtship could finally be confirmed and although they have not given many details about their relationship, it is known that they met through mutual friends and the crash occurred. right now.


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