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How the Guardians of the Galaxy combat system was created

At the heart of Eidos-Montréal’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a team-based action game where you have complete control of just one hero. How such a system was born and why the developers found it suitable, Senior Gameplay Leader Patrick Fortier spoke in an interview with Game Informer.

  • Eidos-Montréal wanted to create unique gameplay that would stand out from other games even several years after release. As an example, Fortier recalled Alien: Isolation – they say, it remains special to this day, no one has done anything like it.
  • Obviously, “Guardians of the Galaxy” needs gameplay that conveys the team spirit and at the same time emphasizes the uniqueness of each character, his character.
  • This is how a system appeared where you play only as Star-Lord, but there are four more heroes nearby – you give them orders. According to Fortier, this gives rise to the feeling of “single team play” – despite the fact that you directly control only one character, it feels like you are playing with the whole team at once.
  • The Guardians’ abilities were assigned according to their behavior: Rocket and Groot work together, but Rocket fires and Groot protects; Drax controls the crowd and applies status effects like stun; Gamora focuses on one enemy and deals a lot of damage to them.
  • Abilities have cooldowns: When you give the Guardian order, you cannot immediately force him to carry out the next one. So that the pace of the gameplay does not break, the abilities of different characters are partially interchangeable: for example, you will not be left completely without damage skills if Gamora is on cooldown. This system also encourages players to build different skill combinations.
  • Star-Lord’s love for songs from the 1980s is inscribed in the battles: when a special meter is filled, the protagonist can give an inspiring speech based on the track currently playing in his player. Cooldowns roll back much faster if the team is motivated.
  • Fortier adds that dialogue in various forms has received a lot of attention: for example, each collectible can be talked about with one of the Guardians. In total, the game has about twice as many lines as in Deus Ex.

Guardians of the Galaxy is due out on October 26th on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. There is also a version for Switch, but only in the form of streaming via the cloud service.

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