How the myth of G-Shock was born

When it comes to watches, one name stands out for its legendary durability and cutting-edge technology: G-shock. Revered as “the world’s most durable watch” and celebrating its 40th anniversary since its first launch in 2023, G-Shock has evolved from a mere desire to create an unbreakable watch into a global cultural phenomenon. The history of this iconic watch begins in 1983 and represents a long process of innovation and dialogue. through a variety of realities from nature exploration to the world of hip-hop – but above all, it goes through several generations for whom the G-Shock represented the ultimate watch technology, the democratization of the highest standards of construction. it has brought the recognition of watchmaking to the wrists of an endless number of young people around the world. For many, G-Shock is not just a watch, but revolution. Its genesis lies in a pioneering vision Kikuo Ibe and his team, who defied conventional wisdom to create a watch that defied the concept of fragility.

The design of the G-Shock case sets new standards in watch durability. As technology has evolved, the G-Shock has also evolved, encompassing features such as radio control and smartwatch capabilities. With a wide range of styles and features, G-Shock watches have won the hearts of different people, attracting the attention of collectors and fashion brands alike.

How G-Shock Was Born

In 1981 Kikuo Ibe, a member of Casio’s R&D department, had a sad but very common experience that changed the course of watchmaking history. He accidentally dropped a graduation watch given to him by his father and it shattered on the ground. Determined to create a watch that can withstand the challenges of everyday life, Ibe formed a team with a clear vision: to create a watch that can withstand the three main types of gravitational acceleration: drop impacts, centrifugal force and vibrations. After working on over 200 prototypes, the breakthrough came during a chance visit to a playground. Watching a bouncing rubber ball, Ibe realized that the center of the ball was less affected than the outside. This led to the creation of the clock module sandwiched between two Alpha GEL pads which protect him just as if he were inside the ball – the inspiration for this module, among other things, came to Iba when he simply watched the boys play in the park. This shock protection system is at the heart of all G-Shock watches.

Among the extensive offer of the G-Shock brand, some models have become iconic, capturing the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts. Original square G-Shock 5600 And series 6900, prized by law enforcement and the military, are highly admired. Even Swimmerdiving watch and ana-digi fashion phenomenon, KasiDub (series 2100) have won loyal fans. Collectors often look for special editions, collaborations and Japanese made models. From base models with desirable features such as solar charging (Hard solar power) to flashy accessories, the G-Shock brand offers a fun and laid-back experience that suits a wide range of budgets and preferences.

G-Shock’s classic watch lineup has recently been expanded with new models that reinterpret the brand’s storied heritage. Launched in 2019 iconic GM 2100 With an octagonal steel body, A/D functions and incredible shock resistance, it soon became one of the brand’s flagship models. Also produced in the same year GA 2100, made of resin and therefore lighter, and completely similar. Then it was launched the next year HBD-H1000, with advanced fitness features such as heart rate and calorie monitoring. It is also waterproof up to 200 meters.

G-Shock and music

G-Shock watches have also achieved significant success in the music world, especially in the hip-hop arena. The 1980s were the era when hip hop legends How Beastie Boys, N.W.A. extension. AND Enemy of the state it came along with the fame of the G-Shock watch, which soon spread to streetwear culture thanks to skateboarders who immediately adopted the G-Shock precisely because of its durability. Over time, watches have become increasingly associated with hip-hop, and recognizing this symbiotic relationship, artists and rappers quickly made durable watches an integral part of their style, wearing them in recording studios, on stages, and on the streets where they lived. Over the years, G-Shock has collaborated extensively with streetwear brands, artists and rappers to create limited edition watches that capture the essence of this vibrant musical genre. Famous names like Stassi, Brain Dead, Maharishi, Jordan Brand AND beams; with ads like Takashi Murakami AND Nigo and with numerous artists such as the cult Wu-Tang Clan AND ASAP Ferg. This collaboration not only brought a unique and fresh design to the market, but also helped further cement G-Shock’s position as a leading figure. in streetwear culture.

One of G-Shock’s most influential collaborations was with Pharrell Williams, a multifaceted artist known for his music and his talent in the fashion world. Farrell’s partnership with G-Shock led to the creation BAPE x G-Shock DW-6900, a watch that perfectly embodies Farrell’s flamboyant and eclectic style. The collaboration garnered everyone’s attention and became a highly sought-after collectible, demonstrating how the G-Shock can seamlessly blend into the worlds of music and fashion. Another notable moment in the history of G-Shock in the music industry occurred when the global superstar Rihanna wore suggestive G-Shock necklace in his music video for “Rude Boy”. In this visual performance, Rihanna was wearing six colorful Baby-G watches connected together to form an adorable pop art collage in the background. The fashionable presentation of the video, combined with Rihanna’s power of attraction, further elevated G-Shock’s status as a bold and fashionable accessory.

Over the years, artists such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Usher And Eminem they were all seen proudly wearing G-Shock watches, demonstrating the brand’s universal appeal and versatility. In addition, collaborations with iconic streetwear brands, sports enthusiasts and even the gaming community. skateboarding contributed to the enduring appeal of G-Shock. The brand’s commitment to embodying the values ​​of streetwear and hip-hop culture—strength, accessibility, and connection to people—has led to its inclusion in the lyrics of numerous rap songs and cemented its status as a a symbol of perseverance and perseverance.

Also in the Italian music ecosystem, G-Shock has found faces, enthusiasts but above all outstanding collaborators who have brought the brand’s heritage into dialogue with new generations of innovators and music lovers. The last one is the one with Sphere of Ebbasta who wore a G-Shock GM-2100 model on his wrist, but always this year Shiva and with my football team, I Santana Red Devils; while during rehearsals for his last tour, Marrakash wore a plastic GA-2100 model with an octagonal body, and during his tour debut, he wore a steel version of the GM-B2100. Another important Italian rap voice that has approached the world of G-shock is Anna Pep3 which recently released the limited edition GMA-S2100AP-7AER, a digital and analog combination that retains the octagonal design but updates it with an extremely rigid carbon fiber reinforced fine resin construction.

How Casio G-Shock Protects from Shocks

The unique design of the G-Shock case plays an important role in its durability. Hollow body design supported soft gel shock absorbersprovides excellent cushioning. The raised urethane dots protect the buttons and crystal from impacts from all directions, and even the strap helps isolate the watch from shock. The goal was not to create an indestructible watch, but to keep it running after any fall the wearer could take. Over the years, G-Shock has continued to evolve, combining durability with style and technological advances. In 1989 it was introduced first analog-to-digital model, and then the very first Frogman DW-6300 diving watch in 1993 with a water resistance of 20 ATM. In 1995, the first titanium model Frogman DW-8200 was introduced.

G-Shock has become so popular precisely because of the constant process of innovation. In 2000, the GW-100 was released, the first RC G-Shock capable of receiving calibration signals from various locations around the world for more accurate timing. Over the years, new elements have been added such as resistance to low temperatures and built-in temperature and pressure sensors. Recently, G-Shock has embraced smartwatch and fitness tracker technology, integrating Bluetooth and heart rate sensors into some models. The G-Shock brand is growing exponentially with new models and series released every year. The popularity of the brand is evidenced by the fact that in 2017 the company reached the milestone in the sale of its 100 millionth watch.


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