how the qualifiers for the South American 2022 are being defined

The last date of the Professional League that crowned River several days before. However, one of the boards that burns -and in which everything is not yet said-It is the one at the entrance to the South American Cup , where there are six quotas for 2022, with four already taken.

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Banfield, for having won a heads up against Velez in the first part of the year, Lanús and Independent , no longer chances to get into the Libertadores and Defending, which after beating Millo at the Monumental secured its classification.

Another that was classified was Boca, but Xeneize will play the Libertadores and that is why it released a quota for the second most important tournament on the continent.

The two remaining places are disputed between six teams: Racing, Central, Unión, Gimnasia, Argentinos y Huracán.All of them are playing from 17 looking for the classification.

The results of the matches

Union 2 – Colon 0

Central 0 – Hurricane 1

Racing 1 – Godoy Cruz 1

Board 0 – Gymnastics 0

Argentines 0 – Sarmiento 0

For now they are qualifying: Banfield, Defense and Justice, Lanús, Independiente, Unión and Racing. Outside is Rosario Central.

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Lanús 56 points, +2

Grana will play the South American.  (Press Lanús).

Grana will play the South American. (Press Lanús).

The Grana is among the best positioned and dreamed until the last moment of playing the Libertadores, but at the equal 2-2 against Rosario Central The aspirations were relegated, so the South American will play.

Defense and Justice, 56, +12

El Halcón needed to score at least one point in his visit to River to ensure a pass to the next South American. And it did not shrink: He beat the champion at home and was left with 56 points, being the best team of those who get into the Cup that he already won in the 2020 edition.

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Independent 55, +8

After the defeat with Banfield, Red tied with San Lorenzo and lost their chances to play the Libertadores, so he will participate in the next South American.

*Banfield is already classified

El Rojo was beaten by Banfield.

El Rojo was beaten by Banfield.

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Racing 50 +2

Celebrate the Acadé last Monday.

Celebrate the Acadé last Monday.

The Academy comes from losing with Hurricane, but is still in the classification zone: It was favored by Rosario Central’s draw against Lanús, because he reached it in points but has a worse goal difference.

Now those of Fernando GagoThey close the premises with Godoy Cruz, which no longer has a chance. A victory in Avellaneda would allow the Acadé to get a ticket for the aforementioned continental competition, regardless of what happens with their direct rivals, who must score -at least- by eight goals difference to sustain the illusion in that case.

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CENTRAL 50 PTS, -one

El Canalla, as we mentioned, comes from equaling 2-2 at La Fortaleza. Today, the Kily team is the last to get into the Cup. Faces Hurricane.

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UNION 50 PTS, -5

The Tatengue has possibilities but it will not be easy. On the last date it must go to Racing or Central. For thathe will be obliged to win the classic against Colón at home and wait for other results.


El Lobo drew 4 to 4 with Estudiantes in a match in which they were two goals up. With this result, he lost the chance to go to Racing and Central in the fight for the South American and now was relegated for having worse goal difference. Visit toBoard of Trustees in Paraná. To get into the Cup, he will have to win and wait for other results.


The defeat against Aldosivi, 3 to 2 in Mar del Plata, left it complicated. Define against Sarmiento in La Paternal.


El Globo beat Racing de Gago 1-0 and got three valuable points to stay alive with the aspirations to qualify for the Cup. Visit to Canalla, direct rival. You must win and expect negative results from three of the following teams: Union, Gimnasia, Racing and Argentinos.

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