How The Weeknd’s concert will be held where you will be at Foro Sol

The Weeknd will travel to Lima in October 2023.

After many years of absence, Weekend will fly to Mexico City to perform two concerts in the iconic Hall Salt. The dates are the next 29 September and Saturday 30 September 2023. It is hoped that performances in the nation’s capital will always be as successful as the show. Monterrey last Tuesday, September 26th.

There is a lot of buzz in social circles about the script Abel has prepared for his CDMX appearances. Some fans have reported that the giant script is not fully attached to the body; However, after the first photos of the assembly are published on social networks, it will become known that production will be completed.

However, it is also true that if the wide pass is the same length as the Monterrey, some enthusiasts report that it will have to be slightly modified to fit the dimensions of the Foro Sol board. Tour “After an hour before dawn” futuristic buildings and a robot statue will be featured at the show later this week.

The Weeknd will move to Mexico City REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Anyway, here we will tell you how you will see the view from the place you bought from ticket masteras well as some fans and desventai of each section of Foro Sol.

The next section covers the main scenario. The great happiness of these boletus is that I will look for Abel often. The singer often passes by to pass by Tour “After an hour before dawn”but the main song interprets different songs.

Another argument in favor of this section of Foro Sol is that the buildings that decorate the spectacle can be treated very carefully. The Weeknd’s tour has a twist: it’s inspired by a futuristic city that seems reminiscent of the cult film. Metropolis by Fritz Lang. If you bought a regular one, pay attention to the special effects and the light coming from the stage.

Here we will tell you how send a photo sent to Twitter user @tin_tristan23 at The Weeknd’s concert in Monterrey.

The Weeknd is in Monterrey, from the area where scripts are most sought after. Photo: Twitter/tin_tristan23

One of the most controversial sections and comments from The Weeknd fans. El Tour “After an hour before dawn” It has a fan: It has a wide swivel mechanism that will allow fans who buy the General B to have a better view. It is very likely that Abel decides to sing some songs in the secondary scenario. located at the tip of the tongue, coming from the main one.

The main drawback to this section is that your level of vision will largely depend on how many players are preparing to enter the stadium. There are fans who are called to the Foro Sol row from the early hours of the morning, so they will be the first to enter as soon as they enter the doors and reach the area separating General B from General A.

“lujo” ratings section. In this area of ​​Foro Sol you will find comfort, you can take it with you. designated guests. These are the highest levels that are looked for in the main scenario Tour “After Hours Till Dawn” why the view is pretty good. Another thing is that there is nothing near you that could block your vision.

As The Weeknd said after graduation Photo: Twitter/JoseIceberg

These are the most exciting stages of the main scenario. Although the four sections are very different from each other, they all have a very good level of vision. Probably Naranja B and Verde B they look a little better show.

The Weeknd’s concert will feature giant panels where fans engrossed in the script will be able to see every detail of the show.

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