How to Activate the Bowel Cleansing System to Avoid SIBO and Its Symptoms

he migratory motor complex (MMC, also known as migrating motor complex and migrating myoelectric complex) is a periodic contraction pattern that occurs in the GI tract between meals, during fasting, or when the stomach and small intestine are relatively empty. You can say that, The cleaning system of our digestive tractlike a garbage truck, and should work well.

This is a key process in maintaining proper bowel movements and facilitating the movement of food particles, waste and bacteria through the digestive system. otherwisequestions like bacterial overgrowth In the small intestine (SIBO).Such alterations in the gut microbiota can produce a series of Discomfort, such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain, cramping, or nausea Among other symptoms.

How the Digestive Cleansing System Works

when digestion is complete and the small intestine is emptyAbout two or three hours after eating, some involuntary peristaltic movements, Regulated by the enteric and parasympathetic nervous systems.

these actions Removes food scraps, bacteria and toxins so that they are excreted with feces.

Cleansing and emptying starts due to motilina hormone secreted in the stomach and intestines.

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