How to apply a sustainable goal to daily activity?

Since their emergence, in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came to put into words some concepts that, although they already existed, were not necessarily used in a comprehensive way, linked. Among other points, these objectives include the need to end poverty, the fight against climate change, quality education, the equality of women, the defense of the environment, the design of sustainable cities and communities and also the healthy lifestyle.

The ODS that talks about health and well-being is number 3, which seeks to “guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being at all ages”. It is a social, community practice, but also personal.

To achieve this, individuals must promote preventive and proactive actions in their own routine that lead to healthy consumption and create sustainable spaces to develop them. A diverse and balanced diet, the practice of exercise for physical but also mental health, taking care of having a stable sleep, enjoying free time and incorporating habits related to meditation are some of the actions that will result in a health based on the sustainability.

To help its clients to carry out this type of sustainable and healthy life, from the November 15 to 21 BBVA in Argentina presents an unmissable promotion on selected products from Mercado Libre’s ‘wellness’ category. Those who have a BBVA credit card will be able to access 10 interest-free installments on selected products.

Those who enjoy exercise at home, will be able to access quotas to buy stationary bikes, one of those elements that allows you to plan the activity and erase the excuses linked to the outside world, such as the weather or traffic.

Another interesting option is the possibility of accessing yoga products, a discipline that works the body and the mind. For those interested, you can find ‘mats’ and swings, elements that are also used to practice Pilates.

As a complement to these activities, in the ‘wellness’ section you can access to buy sportswear for different activities and food products, such as protein bars, omega 3 supplements, and chia.

In all cases, the goal is to have a healthy lifestyle. It requires that people, regardless of their age, take control of their routines, do physical activity, take care of rest, free time and create the right environment to achieve it.

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