How to apply for your refund immediately to the airlines if you were affected by emergence of coronavirus


After the multiple complaints of passengers against airlines americans after countless cancelled flights and delays, because of the pandemic of coronavirus, the Department of Transportation united States he asked the companies to carry out a refund in favour of the affected.

According to a press release, due to the emergency of the COVID-19, the foreign airlines are required to make the refunds immediately to the passengers who were in the need to cancel flights to or from the USA, as well as a schedule change and if the user decides not to accept other alternatives, such as: rescheduling of flights, coupons, or disposal fees extra.

“The obligation of the airlines of provide refundsincluded in the price of the ticket and any fees optional charged for services that a passenger may not use, does not cease when the interruption of the flight are outside the control of the carrier (for example, as a result of government restrictions)”.

Some passengers revealed that various companies offered coupons to redeem for future trips; however, they noted that they have not received a response.

And is that a user you have the right to a refund for unused carriage. The Control office of Aviation stated that it will monitor the policies and practices of reimbursement of the airline, in addition to that it will take steps to comply with the procedure in favor of the users.

To enter the league of the internet, it will display the information about the refunds that are applicable.

In case of requiring a refund should contact the airline where you purchased the travel ticket, in order to request the appropriate information or additional benefits.

One of the u.s. airlines, which announced a reduction in their flights, in order to prevent the spread of the virus that began in China at the end of December, is American Airlines.

The company announced it will decrease its flights in 95% from New York, due to an upturn in cases that were positive for the COVID-19. To date, that american city posted 5.489 deceased.

Also, American Airlines reported that took the decision for the low travel demand on the part of their customers.

United Airlines it also announced that it will drop eight of its daily departures from La Guardia airport and three from the John F. Kennedy.

For its part, in the state neighboring New Jersey, the flights on American from Newark will decrease to two daily starting April 9.

What I will throw in a plunge of flight, thus in total will 13, in comparison with the 271 registered in 2019.

United Airlines it has suffered a similar decline, since only in the airport of Newark, its operations fell to 15, compared to the 139 that was normally done.

Health authorities asked to reduce the air traffic in the united States, and especially in the area of New York, the area most affected up to now by the pandemic COVID-19.

According to the first reports, the streets of New York and other cities, such as Washington, Boston and The Angels, they look deserted and the lack of employment begins to be reflected.

Shops and locals placed on their real estate legends as: “closed until further notice” or “closed indefinitely”.

Even, the Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate rose nine-tenths, then in march came in at 4.4%.

This is the worst monthly data since 2009, in the midst of the financial crisis, and puts an end to almost a decade of continuous growth.

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