How to book an appointment and who should get the vaccine

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the Valencian community will begin receiving influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations during the week of October 16, starting with vulnerable, immunosuppressed and high-risk patients.

Sanitation Committee, Marciano Gomezexplaining that he will receive the coronavirus and flu vaccines starting next week October 16-23.

Currently, the health centers are not open for appointments, but they will be open in the coming days and the Ministry of Health will provide the necessary information in this regard.

In addition, experts have begun to recommend vaccinations for children to reduce infection. Pediatricians and preventive experts from the Ribera Health Group ensure that influenza vaccination reduces 40% and 60% medical consultation The doctor in charge of preventive medicine at the Ribeira Povisa Hospital (Vigo) explains that the symptoms associated with this virus are “due to the activation of the immune system, which specifically recognizes the strain of the virus” Jorge Cabello. “The higher the vaccine coverage, the less spread of the virus,” he said.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health will start a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) immunization campaign for nearly 36,000 minors on October 1, with the aim of “enhancing their protection” and “avoiding major illnesses associated with this virus” .

The first immunization campaign against RSV in the Valencian community targets boys and girls under two years old with certain risk conditions, in addition to children born between April and March 31, 2023, with nearly 1,000 Minor, expected around 2024 35,000 minors.

“RSV is one of the main viruses responsible for the large number of hospitalizations and treatments among minors in the autumn and winter, so it is necessary to immunize and protect them,” said Marciano Gomez.

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