how to bring you everything from Amazon to the official dollar

Although the mega discount event in the main ecommerce platforms in the United States will be on November 26, there are already offers available

The countdown to the 2021 edition of the “Black Friday”, the mega event of discounts for online purchases at Amazon and the main stores of USA and of the world, which will be this Friday, November 26.

The appointment is one of the most anticipated by millions of consumers from all over the world, who take the opportunity to acquire gifts for Christmas and even to make that car gift that they wanted all year.

And although for all those users anxious there are special days, such as “Black Friday Week” from Amazon, where hundreds of articles at discounted values ​​have been published since the previous Monday, you can already find very tempting offers on the world’s leading e-commerce platform.

how to buy everything on Amazon from Argentina and bring it to the official dollar

How to buy everything on Amazon from Argentina and bring it to the official dollar

Among them are:

  • Google Chromecast to play streaming content, from $ 56.33 to $ 45.11.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi connection iRobot Roomba 692, reduced from $ 461.48 to $ 230.16 (more than 50%).
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 – Free Smartphone with 6.6 Inches and Android Operating System with 13% discount (from US $ 264.86 to $ 230.16).
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook – 11 “HD Laptop (Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 600, Chrome OS), $ 345.47.
  • Third-generation Echo Dot smart speaker, down from $ 57.82 to $ 23.12.
  • Philips QP2520 / 30 OneBlade – Beard trimmer, trim, contour and shave, rechargeable for $ 45.07.
  • Smart watch for iOS and Android, with a 15% discount (from $ 46.26 to $ 39.32).

How to bring the products to the official dollar

Regarding e-commerce, the local market has two great limitations:

  • Many companies are not present in Argentina and shipping charges are very high
  • Prices in some items are not competitive compared to the offer from abroad

Faced with these types of limitations, firms gain strength “door to door”, which allow streamlining processes and reducing the final amount to pay.

These are companies that have deposits in the United States, in cities such as Miami, and that offer users a drop box so that:

  • Buy products on any page in the world
  • Indicate the address of these facilities in the purchase
  • They will receive the purchase, which will be stored in a box
  • They can pay the freight to Argentina at the official dollar of $ 105.25

In this way, it is possible to take advantage of the free shipping (free shipping within the US), very common in ebay or Amazon, and thus concentrate the purchases in the same place, and then process the shipment to the Argentina in one package.

the freight is paid in official dollar, without surcharge of 65% of the stocks.

The freight can be paid in official dollar, without surcharge of 65% of the stocks

How they operate

In dialogue with iProUP, from the company Aerobox, they highlight that the firm provides a courier service “100% legal” and it differs from others that use “valijeros” or tourists.

“Have numerous flights per week. The user who registers on the platform instantly receive an address in the United States and a customer number. At the time of making your purchases, which can be in portals anywhere in the world, enter this data so that the items are sent to our warehouse in Miami “, they explain from the company.

Another of its main advantages is that the freight is paid in official dollar, no surcharge of 65% of the stocks.

“Some famous websites charge everything to the blue value since they do not have a company in Argentina,” they warn from the company, whose value per kilo starts in u $ s17.

Thus, as the products are received at their facilities, they are processed by a machine that scans them and sends a photo to the buyer, so that they have control of what arrived and can manage – if necessary – a refund with the seller if he is not satisfied with what was received and without waiting for it to arrive in Argentina.

“The platforms that we offer this box service give us the possibility to buy in the place of the world that one wants and not like others that work as a marketplace, that is, they limit you to acquire what they already offer on their website”, stand out from Aerobox.

Another alternative with a similar procedure is Waiver Picks, which enables the user to purchase the product himself and send it to an address indicated by the firm in Miami.

The company has a rate per kilo that also starts in u $ s17 and a pre-quotation service on its platform to simulate the expenses of the operation.

In dialogue with iProUP, Ludmila Jaraba, head of the division of Waiver Logistics Argentina Courier, agrees with his Aerobox colleague in highlighting the speed and simplicity as advantages when hiring a private courier, since the user does not carry out any procedure in Customs, but it is the company that will represent him before the body.

In addition, the specialist remarks that customers pay for the shipment “in pesos at the official exchange rate”.

Another option available is Pickabox, platform of low cost virtual lockers.

On this website, the amount in pesos paid by the consumer is detailed from the company to iProUP, is made up of the conversion of the dollar at the official exchange rate of the day, the Country tax and the Income Tax perception (RG 4815/2020).

Juan Hesayne, executive director adds in dialogue with this medium that operating on this platform “is like having a friend who lives in the United States or ChinaYou just don’t have to wait for him to come visit the family. “

“When users sign up, orThey have an address and a mailbox number free of charge. Thus, they can purchase in any online store; then they put that data so that we can receive the product, “he adds.

The next step, Hesayne details, is decide between drop shipping (As soon as they receive it, process it and leave for Argentina) or free storage for up to 30 days. “This last option is very useful for those who want to group their purchases,” he emphasizes.

Juan Hesayne, CEO of Aerobox

Juan Hesayne, CEO of Aerobox

Limits to consider when buying

It is essential, before having any surprises about it, clear up doubts with the customer service area of ​​each platform, which can use two ways to import products: the private courier service and the postal service, different methodologies.

In dialogue with iProUP, Gaston Lavorato, an expert in international trade, explains that, regarding the limitations of the private courier (which is what allows non-importers to bring products from abroad), it should be taken into account that:

  • It will not be possible to exceed 5 shipments per calendar year under the same Cuit / Cuil number.
  • For this reason it is important to take advantage of the “consolidation service”
  • Each shipment may not exceed 50 kg
  • Each package must be valued at an amount less than or equal to US $ 3,000
  • It must be made up of up to three units of the same species in the restricted areas
  • There are prohibited products or categories. You always have to check with the platform that will bring the item before buying

“Our country is not an attractive market for brands, due to its size and volume. So it is not profitable for many of them to bring the complete line of a product. Therefore, when buying abroad, We agree to an offer that does not exist here“, remarks the specialist.

Know the range of options that each user can access will allow them carry out efficient operations, saving time and money.

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