How to Buy a quota of 30 GB in MyTelkomsel access Ruangguru Free, price Rp 0


TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM – A local government has waived the teaching and learning activities in all the schools in his area, a result of a pandemic Covid-19.

Instead, the students are asked to do learning activities at home.

They respond to the Directive, the application of learning Ruangguru eliminate the learning material in your application.

In addition, of course, the materials can be downloaded by users of Telkomsel tanpa kuota internet.

Telkomsel offers a rate of up to 30 gigabytes of free of charge specifically to the subject matter in Ruangguru.

This offer is valid for all the students, parents, teachers, and teachers who use Telkomsel phone.

To take advantage of this offer, Telkomsel users (postpaid and prepaid) activate the data package Rp 0 on the app My Telkomsel.

After the user enter the number of Telkomsel is active, the user will get access to the data of 30 GB Ruangguru access for 30 days from the date of activation.

Package Ilmupedia Telkomsel own earlier has also launched a data package IlmuPedia the use of specially designed for the students to still be able, learning, online application, without the worry of internet quota is running out.

Quota internet package Ilmupedia this can be used to access the application online-learn how to use the application RuangGuru, Competent, Quipper, and goals.