how to buy in Argentina cheaply and without taxes

The company Amazon, for instance, has already started with its first offers. You can get significant discounts on technology, from notebooks to cell phones, but also in other highly sought-after segments on the platform such as clothing and tools.

How to make the most of Black Friday in Argentina

While the offers are available to everyone, in Argentina there are certain limitations. Many of the stores are not present in the country and the shipping charges are very expensive, when not directly impossible to make the shipment.

The secret is in knowing how to bring these products to the country. Importing can be problematic since it is necessary to process both with Correo Argentino and with AFIP and Customs. Nevertheless, There are companies that take care of the entire process of buying, consolidating and shipping the packages.

It is a series of companies that offer themselves as an alternative to Door to Door system (the official way) to order abroad, the focus is on improving different aspects of the official platform.

One of the companies is Argentina Aerobox. The process is simple: once the account is created, site users can shop on different e-commerce pages around the world from Amazon to Alibaba. LThe company receives the packages at a virtual address in Miami, making a consolidation of the packages.

Purchases are centralized in the office that the company has in Miami and from there the shipment is made to any point in Argentina (with respect to this, it should be noted that the company has a commercial presence in both countries, so the possible frictions that may appear). The company charges a shipping fee that varies by species, weight, etc.

One facility offered by the company is the package consolidation, that is, they can be purchased in different places and the order converge in a single centralized shipment at the Miami headquarters. To pay for those purchases, the company offers up to 12 installments through Mercado Pago.

From the company, they confirm that prices are almost always cheaper than local ones, especially in the technology segments. The service has a shipping quote system, a kind of calculator to calculate costs.

Notably payments are made in the official dollar and without taxes (65% is not charged).

Other platforms available to operate are TiendaMIA and Grabr.

The values ​​are expressed in Argentine pesos and with installments, with prices tied to the quotation of the “solidarity dollar”, which today is trading at $ 175, although one of the sites also offers “the dollar without taxes”

The combo of “cheap dollar” -compared to other market values- and comfortable quotas is the opportunity from Argentina to take advantage of the American “super-offers”.

What are the keys to buying in Argentine stores linked to offers from abroad? Payments are processed in the country, with prices frozen in pesos and quotas; the user must not carry out any customs formalities, and orders are guaranteed to be delivered within the periods indicated at the time of payment.

Platforms like TiendaMIA have 12 fixed fees for payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Naranja, Diners, CMR Falabella, Shopping, Nativa, Cencosud, Cabal, Argencard, Cordobesa and Cordial cards. They also accept payments with debit cards from all banks and PayPal, as well as international cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

At Grabr, the idea is different: you get products “at the lowest price” and they are delivered by travelers. An order is created with the product, the detail of how much it costs and where the traveler can buy it is added. A few years ago, the company highlighted Buenos Aires as the city that entered the most products with “friendly travelers”.

The “Black Friday” offers in Argentina

Walmart, Hiper ChangoMAS, ChangoMAS, Punto Mayorista and the eCommerce platform will participate in Black Friday with super offers for 15 days and savings options of up to 70% discount on selected warehouse products, consumables, perfumery and cleaning, 24 installments without interest in the purchase of Led TV and the possibility of advancing Christmas purchases.

There will be 2×1 in chocolate milk, cocoa and condensed milk, 3×2 on more than 5,800 products such as yogurts, frozen foods, ready sauces, cookies and foods free of gluten and 50% in the second unit of soft drinks and in more than 760 products.

Among the most prominent opportunities, there will be discounts of up to 70% on the second unit on perfumery and cleaning products, premixes and vegetable milks, 40% in diapers and personal hygiene products and special super offers in the fresh, bakery, meat, dairy and frozen markets. What’s more, Those who buy Electro, will have the option to pay 24 installments without interest in the purchase of Led TV and 18 interest-free installments on air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, and kitchens, among others.

In anticipation of the end of the year parties, customers who buy during the #BlackFridayArg, They will be able to take advantage of a 50% discount on the second unit of piononos, puddings and sweet bread and a 30% discount on the purchase of Christmas trees and decorations.

Until November 29, Carrefour presents the “Gigante” campaign with 700 selected promotional products. With My Carrefour you can access the 2nd at 70% and 6×5 and, generally, the 2nd at 80% discount, 2nd at 50% and 3×2. Additionally, the supermarket chain offers 3 installments without interest with Carrefour Card in all Hiper, Market and Express in the country.

In the category Home appliances, there are more than 400 promotional products with an average discount of 20%, 12 and 18 installments without interest of the Now in selected plan.

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