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How to Buy NFT on Binance: Complete Guide

Binance’s NFT Marketplace offers a large number of non-fungible tokens for those who own an account on the exchange platform. However, buying NFT on Binance can be complicated at times; especially if you are not up to date with the changes and updates that are added to the platform.

However, it is a fairly easy and fast process, but before doing so, the purchase of Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Coin (BNB) must be made, since they are the 2 most used assets when trading with a non-fungible token in the platform.

How to deposit money to buy NFT on Binance

Clearly, to execute the purchase of a non-fungible token it is essential to have funds in Binance; which you can add through the multiple options it offers, from P2P, credit / debit card or by bank deposit.

It is possible that depending on the geographical location of the user, a specific method may be used more easily than another; although under all circumstances we suggest funding with a card, as it is faster and safer.

Once the funds are deposited, the purchase of one of the cryptos that is frequently traded in the Binance Marketplace should be made; these are usually Ethereum, Binance Coin or BUSD. You can also buy them with a card directly.

This can be done in the classic trading area, then you only choose the pair to buy; that depending on the initial currency you have bought it could be BNB / USDT, BNB / BUSD or another. Then you just have to go to the NFT area that is located in the upper menu of the web version of the exchange.

Buy NFT on Binance
Buy NFT on Binance. Source: Binance.

Learn how to buy on the Marketplace

Once inside the NFTs market, you will be able to see those that are in trend, as well as the number of users who have marked them in favorites, their price, auction time limit, creator and more details. However, if you are looking for something more specific you can go to the Market area which is located in the top bar of the web.

Binance NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace. Source: Binance.

Once inside you will see more NFTs available, as well as filters to classify them by their price, listing date, auction end, among others. Once this is done, you will only have to choose one of them and proceed.

Guide to buying NFT
Buy NFT. Source: Binance.

When you have chosen the NFT of interest, more detailed information about it will be displayed, such as a history of bids, auction education (if it is one), last bid, type of edition (limited, collectible or other). After having visualized the details and you are sure to bid, you will only have to check the button that is on the side and says: Buy now.

Buy NFT art
Buy NFT art. Source: Binance

Finally, when the button is selected Buy now It only remains to confirm the operation in case it is a purchase. If it is an auction, you must wait for someone else to bid or for it to end; Clearly, the last bidder will be the one to purchase the NFT.

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