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how to buy with a card and fees

The company advances in its expansion plan that includes the incorporation of new digital currencies and the expansion of its service catalog

The cryptocurrencies they are already part of the day to day of the Argentines, who saw in these assets a shelter to preserve value of their savings in the face of an increasingly weaker peso and inflation that eats away at consumers’ purchasing power.

More than two million accounts open to operate, local savers no longer only know what Bitcoin or Ethereum isInstead, other virtual currencies that have registered important movements so far this year are encouraged.

In this sense, the exchange SatoshiTango announced the incorporation of seven new badges to your board during September, which can be acquire with different forms of payment, including Credit cards and interest-free fees through a key alliance with Payment Market.

The news

As confirmed by the company to iProUP, in September they will add the possibility of operating with: Cardano (ADA), Binance Coin (BNB), Uniswap Coin (UNI), Dogecoin (DOGE), ChainLink (Link), Tether (USDT) and Stellar (XLM).

“To add new currencies to our platform, we rely on the capitalization of projects, as well as in the feedback of our users, which we receive from surveys and surveys we carry out. All the new crypto that we have added were from most demanded and valued for our community “, entrusts iProUP Matías Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango.

In this way, says the executive, users will be able to use these assets to:

  • “Hold, that is, buy and aim for the long term so that the investment appreciates”
  • “Leverage through Margin Trading and have the possibility of increasing your investment up to five times
  • “Pay gifts cards, services and taxes”
Matías Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango

Matías Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango

In addition, Bari remarks that they have “planned to incorporate new tools and services so that holders can make your assets perform better or take out loans with their crypto as collateral. ”

On the other hand, the roadmap of the company for the coming months contemplates the sale of fan tokens, which became popular with the arrival of Lionel Messi to PSG, cards (prepaid, debit or credit) and a new Referral program.

“They are solutions for our users do more and better business“, says Bari, who anticipates that they are also analyzing adding decentralized finance (DeFi), that allow offering investment instruments without intermediaries and in a transparent way.

According to the executive, it is a “very rich universe and we are looking at it very carefully while we follow the regulations in each country where we operate “.

“We want to provide our investors decentralized finance alternatives and traditional finance so that they move fluidly between fiat money and cryptocurrencies depending on what works best for them. Loans, returns on deposits, tokenized shares, investment funds or NFT They are all options that we want to follow exploring“acknowledges Bari.

With card and in installments

As iProUP advanced, SatoshiTango was the first local exchange to allow purchase of crypto assets with cards through a key alliance with Market Payment, offering all the advantages of operating with the digital wallet that is used by 5 million Argentines.

“The launch of the purchase and recharge of crypto with a card was really very well received. Shortly after the service was launched, users do not stop thanking us. We are confident that this milestone is a big step in favor of users and we are proud to have been the first Argentina to launch this unique functionality in the market, “he says.

The exchange adds this new method of paying to other existing ones, such as the possibility of recharge the virtual account offered by the company through a transfer from a bank account (CBU) or fintech (CVU), collection networks extra-bank (Rapipago and PagoFácil), cryptocurrencies and cash withdrawal at home.

According to Bari, it is possible “buy in installments“, but the user will have to take charge of the commissions that it charges Payment Market, we can no longer absorb them because our profit per transaction is 1%“.

The executive remarks that that fee, that Mercado Pago retains merchants, it is reported by the company before confirming the transaction.

“It’s perfectly detailed. Yes you buy $ 1,000, it will cost you $ 1,050 approximately “, indicates Bari, who also adds that” it is a special alliance with Mercado Pago, an item that they have differentiated in their policy of use “.

In addition, being a purchase with the unicorn’s wallet, some promos apply, such as interest-free fees with bank cards Patagonia, HSBC and Reba.

Bari entrusts iProUP that he 80% of transactions on the platform corresponds to purchases of Bitcoin and Ether, while the rest is divided between the other currencies, especially the stablecoins or “digital dollars“, which maintain their price at par with the dollar.

But the exchange’s strong growth is not limited to Argentina. According to Bari, the firm is “strengthening the presence in other markets, What Chile, Brazil and Peru, e incorporating talent to the team to continue growing. “

“We are in a process of consolidation in other geographies growing in clients and team. And soon we will have a academy, because we understand that training and the good information are critics to incorporate more users to this market “, concludes the executive.

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