How to Care for Your Eyes and Ears in Summer to Avoid Problems

August is an excellent month for pool plans, bathing in the sea, and riverside excursions. Exposure to sunlight or exposure to water has become commonplace for many people during these weeks.However, all these routines exist Some typical risks to our eyes and earswhich should be taken into account, regardless of hair and skin care, is what worries us the most at this time.

As we all know, sun exposure can cause burns on the skin, but these burns can also occur in the eyes. “This is what we call photokeratitis, and it can become very dangerous and cause vision loss,” Dr. Isabel Pascual, ophthalmologist. “To prevent sunlight from affecting the retina and causing severe loss of vision, We must use good quality glasses that are CE marked (European Conformity)”.

Another aspect that must be considered is that of irritating substances. “Chlorine in swimming pools, salt in beaches or water pollutioncan irritate the ocular surface, causing irritant conjunctivitis”. To prevent these from happening, it is recommended Use of Diving Gogglesto avoid contact of the eye surface with water.

“Additionally, in the summer, the added Hazard of immersing eyes in water while wearing contact lenses. This is a very dangerous practice that can lead to serious eye infections that can They may even cause complete loss of vision..Therefore, contact lenses can be used no matter when they are worn Combined with a good diving goggle to prevent water from entering.

Finally, heat and overexposure to air conditioners can lead to increased dry eye. To prevent this, regular use of artificial tears to moisturize the ocular surface is recommended.

Our exposure to water increases during the summer due to swimming at beaches and pools. Moisture in the ear canal can cause problems, and, Among the most common, we find discomfort due to ear wax blockage and otitis externa. To avoid infection caused by standing water and humidity, After swimming, towel dry and, if necessary, tilt your head to help the water drain.

In summer, we often go to music festivals, or enjoy a great fireworks show, but the noise in both cases can be loud and damage our hearing health. Regular reviews before and after the trip are therefore advised to ensure we do not encounter any issues that may be exacerbated by summer and holiday activities.

Below we’ve put together a list of tips you can put into practice to improve your hearing health, or at least not make it worse this summer:

  • Use hearing protectors: Wear earplugs if you will be near sources of noise, such as concerts or boat engines. It is also recommended if there is a history of perforated eardrum, transtympanic drainage, or certain ear surgeries.
  • Take action against sudden changes in pressure: For example, using some nasal products, soaking in water, eating sweets and doing pressure compensating maneuvers before and during the flight.
  • To dry your ears after swimming: As you exit the water, gently turn your head to the side and wipe off excess water with a towel. It’s important to dry your ears well, but in any case, avoid using cotton swabs.
  • Limit underwater time: If you scuba dive, practice proper technique to avoid ear problems. Do not dive too deep or for prolonged periods of time without proper training.
  • Keep your ears clean: You don’t need to put anything in your ears to clean them. Earwax is the natural barrier that protects the ear, and most of the time it clears away on its own.
  • Stop using hearing aids: In the case of headphones, try to keep your ears ventilated for a few hours a day rather than constant use.
  • Perform a plug unplug: If you have a history of using earwax plugs, make an appointment and have an earwax plug extraction.

remember to take care Ear and eye health is essential to making the most of summer And all the special moments you share with your loved ones. So have fun, stay safe, and keep having fun this season.

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