How to Check WhatsApp messages, the sender, Deleted, Check the steps


TRIBUNSOLO.COM – To WhatsApp platform instant messaging, the Facebook, the feature to remove a message that has two options.

The two options are clear for me and clearly for all people, it can also be used for the voice note and photo.

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The presence of features delete messages, sometimes they make us curious, what is the content of the messages that your friends, family or girlfriend.

But in WhatsApp there is no way to read the messages are deleted, so they ask curious, what is the content of the message.

For those of you who don’t want the journalists Nextren find curious, a simple way to read the messages for deletion by the sender.

Started GadgetsNDTV how easily it can be done by downloading other apps that can only be found on the Google Play Store.

The name of the application is what removed+ that it is said, can read messages for deletion by the sender of the message, we delete it.

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This application can be used to collect evidence, or a surprise, do not want to catch, but it needs to be, given the Details that need to be prepared.

In the start-up-what removed+ there are several steps that must be chosen in advance.

The first step after downloading the application, then what is removed+ to open and read the rules and guidelines of the application.