How to Choose a Haircut Based on Face Shape: The Complete Guide

Here’s how to figure out what’s the right cut for your face shape. Here is the complete guide that should not be missed!

How to Choose a Haircut Based on Face Shape: The Complete Guide

when it comes to choosing Cutting The shape of the face plays a fundamental role in the right hairstyle. Every face shape has unique features that can be enhanced or balanced through the right haircut. Knowing which cut best suits your face shape can help you achieve a more harmonious look and enhance your strengths. To find out which haircut best suits your face, the first thing to do is to groom yourself with some patience and persistence and stand in front of the mirror. At this time, by looking at yourself carefully, try to understand how your face shape is. At this point, the fastest way is to take a pencil and draw the lines of the face on the mirror. Once finished, distance yourself and try to clarify…

Oval face goes with everything!

There Oval shape It is the most proportionate and harmonious of all and that is why it is the most versatile of all. In fact, this face shape has the good fortune to marry with many haircuts and all this allows you to enjoy with both long and short cuts. So, if you have this face shape, know that you can opt for many different styles and enjoy experimenting. Choose cuts that accentuate your best features, such as Pixie cut or one long bangs, But be careful with long and very straight hair as they can slim down your shape even more. Welcome curls and soft waves!

is your face round? forget about cuts

A round face She has full cheeks and blunt cheeks. In this case, the goal is to try make it as oval as possible Therefore, efforts are being made to refine it by bringing it in a long, narrow and thin shape. divert attention from cheeks, Choose cuts that add height and volume to the top of your head, such as a long bob or a layered cut. Avoid cuts that add width to the face, such as very short hair or lots of layers around the cheekbones. Obviously long and layered hair can only look great on the same face, just goes to prove that there is beauty out there too. Selena Gomez,

long hair for square faces

for one square facePrefer cuts that soften corner Create a more delicate and squiggly shape. Choose haircuts that focus on length and movement, such as long hair with waves or a bob. shaggy, Avoid too short or geometric cuts that emphasize the angles of the face. A soft and slightly tousled styling, both for straight hair and gathered hair, will allow you to achieve the desired end result. Precisely for this reason, very streamlined, geometric and symmetrical cuts should be absolutely avoided! To soften your facial features even more, you can choose a sport bunch Which starts from the middle of the nose and joins a scaling.

Heart shaped faces love layered bobs

A for a face HeartLook for cuts that balance the width of the forehead and cheeks against a thin jawline. Choose cuts that add volume to the lower part of the face, such as a layered bob or a long cut with waves. Avoid very short cuts on the upper face, such as short bangs or a pixie cut.

Rectangular Panel: Waves and Volume

for one rectangular faceLook for cuts that create the illusion of a wider, rounder face. This face shape is characterized by more angular and pointed features that can be made softer and more harmonious thanks to the right haircut. Choose a cut with side volume and softness around the face, such as a mid-length cut or a long bob with waves. Bang? Absolutely yes and the tuft is fine too! However, avoid very long and straight cuts as they can accentuate the elongated shape of your face.

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