How to clean your Thermomix

German kitchen robots dominate many Spanish homes.Cleaning and maintenance are key to optimal operation

this Thermomix It has a place in many homes and many famous restaurants.However, for It is difficult for the latter to realize the advantages of this kitchen robot From Monday to Sunday, you help many families cook delicious recipes.

Other advantages Themomix is ​​great at cleaning. Some of its components can be washed in the dishwasher, although Plastic parts may be damaged.

So as a general recommendation for all models The German robot recommends filling a glass with one part water, a few drops of dish soap, and then turning on the Thermomix. Close the lid and run at speed 10 for 15 seconds and the device will be cleaned. A feature in the latest generation models is also automatically programmed.

However, this solution works in some cases If there are any signs of burnt food, or if the recipe is stuck due to a programming error, it won’t be able to clean the glass thoroughly.

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Tips for Thoroughly Cleaning your Thermomix

Below we highlight five simple tips for thoroughly cleaning your Thermomix:

  1. coffee. With consistent use, coffee is a great helper in eliminating odors in your glass. Grind a few grains and let sit for about 40 minutes. Then rinse the glass.
  2. eggshell. If you want to take care of your Thermomix blades, the best way is to avoid using scouring pads. Fill a glass with six egg shells, then top with water.Apply maximum speed a dozen times without temperature.
  3. Soap and vinegar. Make a solution of one part vinegar and six parts soap. Mix for 10 seconds a few times, faster each time. Use the liquid end result to clean rubber and coverings. Let it rest, then rinse with plenty of water.
  4. lemon. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning. To clean the Themomix, a lemon must be cut into quarters and immersed in one liter of water. Then crush the lemon and program the device at speed 1 and temperature 90 degrees for 15 minutes. After a simple rinse, your Thermomix will be sparkling like the first day.
  5. dishwasher. Pour one and a half liters of water into a glass and add only two drops of dish soap to avoid subsequent foaming. Program the robot for 6 minutes, 60 degrees, speed 4. clarify.

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