How to combine the colors fluoride this season 2020, in the style of Kiernan Shipka


The famous actress of “The hidden world of Sabrina”, Kiernan Shipka, shocked everyone with his look fluorescent green. If you decide to use it, here are some tips.

In addition to the jeans mom, the decade of the eighties has returned, and the color fluoride is of fashion.

But these flashy and dangerous colors are difficult to carry. In the last few hours, we were able to see the actress The Hidden World of Sabrina, Kiernan Shipka, stroll through the streets of the united States with a t-shirt fluorescent green and a black skirt.

If you want to cheer you up like that Sabrina Spellman, in addition to safety, you will need to know the following tricks to not look like a Christmas tree.

It is best to combine them with shades of simple and soft for there to be a contrast. Used neon colours in the part of your body you want to define, that is where you will attract attention.

Looks with garments fluoride.

Of course, make sure that you feel comfortable. The colors fluoride tend to make anyone seem bigger than it actually is. If you have a figure of a triangle, and use these colors in the upper part of your body. For those who have bodies that are oval it is best that you use them in blouses that are somewhat covered by a jacket or jersey

But in case you do not like to carry these colors into the garments, use it in small accessories neon before buying any other garment. A belt or a clutch, or simply a nail Polish can give you a clue if you like the color or not.

Makeup and accessories in colors fluorine.

And always note: the color black it is the perfect pair of neon colours, the fluorine, it is best to carry it in blouses, jackets, dresses and remember that the shoes, bands and hair accessories also bear with these colors.