How to create tuxedo nails, custom tuxedo effect

The world of manicure never ceases to amaze us with new trends and creative ideas, and this time it’s the turn”Tuxedo nailsor tuxedo effect nails. Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik shared this new trend with us through his work posted on his Instagram feed.

But before you let your imagination run wild with tiny bow ties and buttons painted in the center of the nails, as you might easily imagine given the name of this trend, let’s see who Tom Bachik and how he reimagined the trend in an elegant, modern and sophisticated way.

Who is Tom Bachik and why we love his Tuxedo nails so much

Tom Bachik is famous nail artist and famous manicurist with a very successful career in the beauty world. His nail art prowess has made him popular with many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Camilla Cabello, who often show off his creations with pride. With a unique style and boundless creativity, Tom continues to surprise us with new trends, such as the adorable Tuxedo Nails manicure that has captured the attention of fashionistas and beauty gurus all over the world. Her online presence and talent have inspired millions of people to find new ways to express themselves through nail art.

Tuxedo Manicure Inspiration 2023

Inspired by classic color palette Black and white From a shirt and a tailored blazer, Tom created a design reminiscent of the elegance of a tuxedo on exquisite nails. One of the first manifestations of this luxurious manicure was on the nails of one of Tom’s famous clients, Jennifer Lopez, who was wearing a black and white swimsuit.

Tom remixed a classic French manicure, so here’s how to make his tuxedo-style nails. using only one black and one white nail polish:

  • replace nude pink base with bold black,
  • “stretch” then white frame to give a “dramatic” and sophisticated effect.

The most interesting thing about this trend is that it fits perfectly with different looks. It’s perfect for completing the evening outfit that J.Lo often wears, but it also goes great with solid-color outfits like black tailored trousers and a white T-shirt or a smart black midi dress. The versatility of this manicure lies in the fact that the black and white colors create a neutral effect, which allows you to pair it with even bolder and brighter outfits.

The popularity of this trend grew rapidly, so that other celebrities decided to adopt it too. Camila Cabello, another of Tom’s clients, showed off a version of the “French Tuxedo” with nails split in half, traditional French tip on one side and matte black on the other. This touch of originality and creativity caught the attention of fans, demonstrating that Tuxedo Nails is a trend that can be reinterpreted.

As is often the case with nail trends, Tuxedo Nails has made a significant impact on the beauty world, drawing the attention of style lovers and new nail ideas. Tom Bachik’s creativity and ability to mix classic style with modern touches makes us curious to see how this trend will develop further.

So, if you are a fashion lover and want to express elegance and sophistication with your nails, Tuxedo nails they may be exactly what you need. Let your creativity run wild and try out this manicure trend to transform your hands into true bespoke masterpieces.

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