How to detect from your cell phone if there are cameras nearby that are watching you

It is a project that seeks to detect if there are hidden cameras near where you are. From your cell phone you could discover them, even if they are very small.

The advancement of technology allows more and more new things to be done, however, it does not always bring advantages. Spy cameras are increasingly small and difficult to detect with the naked eye, generating distrust in people when entering establishments or when acquiring services in hotels, among other activities.

In this sense, in Amazon and other platforms you can find a variety of “camera signal detectors” to combat this problem.

Likewise, several researchers from the National University of Singapore and the Yonsei University in South Korea are working on a system that will detect spy cameras through the ToF (Time of Flight) sensors that are present in some phone references. current mobiles.

Thus, although there are some systems that detect the presence of hidden cameras, these methods can reveal their existence but cannot detect their location.

On the other hand, this proposal is called ‘Laser-assisted Photographic Detection’ (LAPD for its acronym in English) and seeks to take advantage of the lasers of ToF sensors (normally used by phone cameras to measure depth by means of lasers) to locate the reflections of the lenses of this type of hidden cameras. To meet this objective, it is planned to develop an application and a machine learning algorithm.

In addition, the user will be able to walk around the corners of the spaces where they suspect the existence of cameras and through an augmented reality environment, the application would indicate where they are.

How to detect hidden cameras in case of suspicion

Because the application is not open to the public and a camera signal detector is not always on hand, if there is suspicion of the existence of a hidden camera, it is important that people check that the walls or furniture do not count with small holes, and if you find any, it is important to check that there are no lenses in the background.

Check any devices that exist in the room such as clocks, lamps, routers, etc. It can also be useful to take the time to look for some type of light that comes from some corner of the room. Another resource that can be helpful is to use the flashlight of mobile devices to detect some kind of reflection in a suspected corner.

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