How to Easily Clean your helmet from dust, bacteria and viruses

217 – The use of helmets for bergonta can’t make a head protection when driving is safe from germs and can be a source of diseases such as the new corona virus which is sweeping the world. For that, it is expected from the owner, pay attention to the hygiene of the helmet.

For those who are still confused, clean the helmet, actually, it is to keep clean, actually, quite simple. As noted by RSV helmets, clean the helmet easily by removing a portion of the visor (open face helmet) and the padding (a layer of foam inside) of the helmet shell.

Next, you RUB the upholstery with a cleaning agent and then rinse it with a cloth microviber. Once clean, dry the parts already on the loose with a fan.

In this case, they should not be dried under the scorching sun. Because of the way, this is only the padding breaks down quickly.

While for the part of the visor enough to dive into the water. How dry do the same, simply wipe with a cloth microviber.

You clean the outside of the helmet, just spray with cleaning agent and dry it with a cloth microviber.

In the middle of an outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19), RSV helmets offer special services for the users of the helmet RSV. Manufacturer of helmet local give the Laundry a helmet free of charge in any wall outlet RSV in the vicinity.