How to Easily Enable Dark mode in the Facebook Web Version


TRIBUNSOLO.COM – After registration, the application whatsapp (WA), the function of the “dark” or “dark” you are now in the facebook version of the site.

“Dark” or “dark” Facebook was promised at the conference F8 in the year 2019.

Now the function is “dark” or “dark” Facebook can already be tried by the user.

The look of the new Facebook-web-version, not the mobile app.

One lucky user will receive an invitation to try, look brand new when you open a web-page, Facebook.

The appearance of the Dark mode, Facebook-web-version (
The appearance of the Dark mode, Facebook-web-version ( ()

On the appearance of this new, Facebook the blue color looks to reduce the dominance, which is synonymous with social media.

The timeline view of Facebook desktop version is now minimalistic and fresh design with all-white looks.

To see if at a glance, the new face of Facebook is similar to the appearance of the Twitter web version.

This design also provides for the reorganisation of the arrangement of the menu on the left side and the right Facebook, or in General from the sidebar.

The side bar on the right side shows a list of friends who are online.