How to fight against weakness? The answer is Belle & Health and Sculptra

A treatment that will change your life…

beauty and health has stood out Aesthetic medicine clinic specializing in minimally invasive proceduresand in their ongoing commitment to innovation, they came up with a new protocol to combat weakness.

its about Sculptra®️is one of the favorite treatments of the clinic’s founders and founders Dr Erica Aguilar Namipin, surgeon Aesthetics and longevity expert.

What is Sculptra®️ made of?

It is one of the most popular programs because it reactivates production new collagen fibers in the skin improve Mass, Thickness and Hardness skin, Reduces flabby and cellulite.

approved FDA and COFEPRISis distinguished because it is minimally invasivethere is a Duration up to 25 monthsas a protocol 1 time per month for 3 monthswith a duration of 1 hour in-office treatment.

Sculptra®️ It can be applied on body and face. Body parts that can be performed are: neck, neckline, forearms, arms, abdomen, hands, thighs, buttocks, and hamstrings.

Regarding the gluteal muscle program, in addition to the effect of gradual, long-lasting, and obvious relaxation, it also Helps reduce cellulite.

after selection Sculptra®️, 80% of patients Satisfied with results 2 years after last injection.So getting rid of it is a good option Cellulite and Slack.

Remember, each beauty repair What you decide to do is perfectly valid as long as it is your own decision and it makes you feel more comfortable and happy.

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