How to find cheap rentals on Booking?Reveal the trick

In the constant search for affordable accommodation options, travelers often turn to various online platforms to find the best deals, and Booking, as one of the most popular booking platforms, has become the starting point for many travelers looking for affordable rentals. . But how do you find a cheap rental on Booking? Here’s an eye-opening tip that can change the way you book.

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According to the official “booking” page, was born in Amsterdam as a small Dutch startup. Since then, it has grown into one of the most prominent digital travel companies in the world.

Part of the Booking Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: BKNG) group,’s primary mission is to empower everyone to explore the world.

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Connect travelers with unique experiences is committed to making travel easier through technology. The platform connects millions of travelers with unique experiences, A variety of transportation options and incredible accommodation, from houses to hotels and other destinations.

As one of the world’s largest travel platforms, allows accommodation from any corner of the planet Reach a global audience and promote your business.

Availability in 43 languages ​​and over 28 million accommodation optionsIncluding over 6.6 million unique houses, apartments and accommodations, making a versatile tool for any type of traveler.

with customer service 24 hoursEvery day, the platform stands out for its commitment to user satisfaction.

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Discover the secrets to finding cheap accommodation on Booking

Recently, “tricks” for getting lower prices on have attracted attention in social and digital media. Users like @viajayganavida and financial advisor @ramgaldavis shared a method, The Huffington Post reported. Involves installing the “VS Hotel” extension in Google Chrome.

extension name Users are alerted if the room rate on the hotel website is lower than the room rate on By following the steps of filing a claim and attaching a link to the website with the lower price, is obligated to match the price per policy.

Although some Internet users believed that this strategy mainly affected, criticism soon followed.

many They believe this price cut directly harms the hotel And the platform’s commissions are too high. In this regard, some people suggest booking directly on accommodation websites and skipping the intermediary.

Debate continues over the ethics and implications of this technique. Objects discussed on social networkswhile users explore different strategies to get the best deals on accommodation bookings.

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