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How to find Mia Khalifa in Onlyfans?

Mia Khalifa, prominent sports commentator, influencer and former adult film actress, caused a stir on social media by announcing his debut in OnlyFans. Immediately, his profile became one of the most sought after by the users of that platform.

To find the profile of the model you only have to type in the search engine the following address: www.onlyfans.com/miakhalifa. It should be noted that the site has all content restricted and to be able to access it you will have to pay a monthly subscription of 12.99 dollars per month, i.e. 255.81 Mexican pesos.

The former adult film actress offers exclusive content in exchange for $12.99 a month.

“This is the ONLY place where you can find content that I consent to advertise,” reads the biography of the Khalifa’s official profile on OnlyFans, which has more than 500 exclusive photographs, which have certainly managed to maden out the gentlemen who have purchased their subscription.

Why did Mia Khalifa leave adult cinema?

The actress left the erotic film industry because of death threats she received from a group of jihadists.

According to information circulating on the Internet, same as The Truth News brings for you, Sarah Joe Chamoun, real name of the actress, began working in adult cinema at the age of 21. Three months after her debut, she decided to give up her career, this despite the fact that she had established herself as one of Pornhub’s favorites.

Years later, he exposed the abuses he experienced when being part of this industry. He also revealed that he received threats from a jihadist group, who did not agree that he had worn the hijab in the film ‘Mia Khalifa Is Cumming for Dinner‘ of the production company BangBros in 2014.

What does Khalifa do now?

In addition to being an entrepreneur and influencer, the former adult film actress has become a prominent pro-women activist.

At 28 years old, the former adult film actress has managed to become a prominent businesswoman, sports commentator and social media influencer. It is known that his Instagram account already exceeds 24.3 million followers worldwide.

Similarly, Mía Khalifa is a leading activist fighting for women, mainly by those who work within the erotic film industry. She seeks to raise awareness in society about the violence suffered by actresses, in addition to fighting to denormalize the consumption of pornographic content around the world.

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