How to get paid to watch Taylor Swift and Beyoncé concerts

Two American newspapers are looking for someone to monitor (and cover) Taylor Swift and Beyoncé concerts: applications are booming

Fan of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé? We have your dream job.

Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the United States, announced that it will hire two journalists to cover the concerts of these two international stars. The goal is to tell the meaning of your music and the effect both singers have on society.

In Beyoncé’s job description, Gannett said he was looking for a journalist who could tell how “The influence of an international superstar and icon reverberates through generations.” and how she was “a force in everything from how countries’ opinions compete to how women think about their partners.”

As for the journalist who will be covering Taylor Swift, the US publication said he will have to be able to “to determine why a pop star’s influence spreads like wildfire and what his fans represent in pop culture”.

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The cultural resonance of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé increases with each concert.

The Nashville singer’s influence seems to grow stronger with each album, including re-recordings of her old songs. Her fans spent thousands of dollars on tickets. breaking the record for the highest-grossing women’s tour of all time.

**How ​​much does Taylor Swift earn for each concert she performs?**

Beyoncé’s singles span centuries and generations; to such an extent that the singer has sold about 200 million records worldwide, thus becoming one of best selling artists of all time.

During concerts Renaissance World Tour 2023 the singer wowed the audience by bringing deep emotions to various stages, but with her own dazzling and unforgettable style to guarantee a wow factor and create a spatial atmosphere.

**Renaissance World Tour 2023: Beyoncé’s Mind-blowing Images**

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