How to get rid of foot fungus with Vick VapoRub?

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this foot fungus They are a very sensitive problem because, in addition to their appearance, they also produce an unpleasant smell, which is irritating not only to the person suffering from it, but also to those around them.There are many ways to fight them, and next, we will tell you how to treat them with the help of Vic Waporub.

he Vic Waporub This is a very popular ointment, mainly used to relieve nasal congestion when affected by respiratory diseases. It, in turn, has other uses: It helps with coughs and relieves muscle pain from colds, flu, and the common cold.

In addition, it helps to remove foot fungus Because it’s made with menthol and eucalyptus, which has antifungal properties, it helps relieve that discomfort. It should be noted that this is not a final solution, so you should see your doctor instead of changing the prescribed treatment.

So You Can Eliminate Foot Fungus With Vick VapoRub

To solve this problem, a small amount of Vic Waporub Apply to affected areas at least once a day. Also, for better results, you must do it before going to bed, and you should cover your feet with cotton socks throughout the night.

If you want to improve the absorption of the ointment, it is recommended to soak your feet in warm salt water for a few minutes before applying the ointment. Vic Waporub Softens the skin.

another way to fight foot fungus It is a mixture made of Vic Waporub. To do this, dilute a tablespoon of ointment in warm water, add chamomile flowers and lemon drops. Soak your feet in water for 10 minutes, then apply a thin layer of the ointment and cover your feet with socks.


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