How to get the perfect strawberry makeup is the fall 2023 trend.

The world of makeup is constantly evolving, constantly looking for new inspirations and trends to enhance the natural beauty of every person. Among the latest headlines are “Strawberry Makeup“A fresh and romantic look that promises to be the undisputed hero of fall 2023. This unique style was launched by famous model and influencer Hailey Bieber, known for her exquisite taste and ability to dictate the trends followed by millions of people around the world. world.

Who is Hailey Bieber

Hailey BieberHaley Rod Baldwin, born November 22, 1996, is an American model and influencer. Hailey has become one of the most influential figures in the world of fashion and beauty. She is married to Justin Bieber and has become an influential voice, inspiring millions with her flawless looks and stylistic choices. Her partnership with the beauty world has been cemented with the launch of her cosmetics brand, Rhode, which brings her uncompromising and authentic vision of beauty to life. With millions of followers on social media, Hailey Bieber manages to influence beauty trends, becoming a reference name for those who seek inspiration in the world of fashion and style.

Strawberry makeup: what it is and how the 2023 trend is achieved

The very term “Strawberry Makeup” conjures up images sweetness, naturalness and lightness. This aesthetic is reminiscent of the image of days spent in the fresh air, with a delicately pink and radiant face, as if it had been kissed by the sun. This trend is a natural evolution of the beloved “vanilla look” that has dominated the beauty scene in previous months. The key elements of this image are shades of strawberry pink. They are evenly distributed over the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, creating the illusion of fresh, radiant skin.

The basis for creating the perfect strawberry makeup is well-groomed and radiant skin. To achieve the desired effect, proper skin care is necessary. After cleansing the face, a tonic and moisturizing serum are applied. The area around the eyes is caringly treated, after which a light BB cream is applied, which evens out the complexion without weighing it down.

If you want a little brightness, you can add a light veil bronzer with warm tones. This extra step can create the effect of tanned skin, naturally highlighting facial features. Bronzer is applied with a fluffy brush, carefully blending it along the temples, hairline and under the cheekbones, creating a light contouring effect.

Strawberry makeup 2023: it all starts with pink blush

The heart of strawberry makeup is, of course, pink blush. Applied on the cheeks, cheekbones and bridge of the nose, the blush gives the face a fresh and radiant look. Choose from a powdery texture to apply with a brush, or a creamy formula to gently blend with clean fingers.

To enhance the appearance ink it is an indispensable ally. You can choose classic black or a more discreet brown, depending on your personal preference. Don’t forget to highlight your brows by brushing them up and setting them with a clear gel to keep them looking clean and tidy.

Finally, lips deserve special attention in this image. They can be reinforced with a light veil pink lip glossor create a stunning contrast by applying a strawberry red lipstick followed by a layer of nourishing lip oil.

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