How to install Windows 11 on a PC not compatible with Rufus

Although Microsoft made it difficult for many of us to install Windows 11 due to its demanding hardware requirements, which made newly purchased computers obsolete, it seems that little by little things are getting on our side. First, Microsoft itself gave us a method to install Windows 11 on any PC even if it does not meet the TPM requirements. And now, you can also do it with the help of the application Rufus and a simple pendrive or USB memory.

In case you still don’t know Rufus, it is a free app for Windows that is used to format pen drives or USB drives. It also makes it easier for you to install operating systems or prepare pendrives to install operating systems on any computer directly from your computer’s USB port. As an example, you can carry a USB memory with several versions of Linux that boot from the memory itself when you turn on your PC.

And what does Rufus have to do with installing Windows 11? Precisely, with Rufus you can configure a USB pendrive to help you install Windows 11 on any PC, whether or not it meets Microsoft’s hardware requirements. Also, it will be useful if you want install Windows on two or more computers in the fastest and most comfortable way possible.

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Windows 11 on any PC with Rufus

To make this possible we need the latest version of Rufus. The Rufus supported version to install Windows 11 in easy mode is 3.16 onwards. At the time of this writing, Rufus has version 3.17 as the latest, both in its installer and in its portable version.

The particularity of this newer version of Rufus is that, if you select an ISO image of Windows 11 to install on the pendrive or USB memory, in Image options you will come across two installation methods. The first is the normal one. And the second makes it easy to install on any PC. As the Rufus menu itself indicates, “Extended Windows 11 Installation”. In other words, “no TPM / no Secure Boot / 8 GB-RAM”: it does not require TPM 2.0 compatibility, nor Secure Boot nor a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. This last option poses a performance problem, but that is another matter.

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