How To Make Lips Fuller With Makeup: 5 Secrets You Shouldn’t Miss!

We all dream of plump and pouty lips, and thanks to makeup, this is possible! Here are 5 simple tricks to help you avoid mistakes…

How To Make Lips Fuller With Makeup: 5 Secrets You Shouldn't Miss!

Lips have always been a symbol of sensuality and seduction, which is why we all want them to be plump and plump. To hide, there are those who resort to treatment lip fillers, most often annoying and super expensive, and those who, in order to have lips like Angelina Jolie, clumsily apply lipsticks with the wrong shades. We all know that makeup has always been our ally, a tool to make the signs of aging, scars and imperfections that we really dislike less noticeable. So why not use it to plump up your lips? Today we want to offer you a less invasive, cheap and very simple solution that will make your lips look a little bigger. volume: Here are 5 fantastic makeup tricks to make them look natural.

Diamonds Lips for fuller lips in a second

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Lips like diamonds: it’s possible with diamond lips. In fact, this is a lip make-up that is completely in line with the trends of the season and imitates precious stones, adopting not only their name, but also brilliance and timeless elegance. The result is a super bright and seductive look, like a surface diamond when it reflects light. In fact, looking at Tik Tok, this technique seems to give the illusion of a bigger mouth, and it has helped increase the fan base. Will it be true? It remains only to try!

Pencil stroke: the most famous trick for Super Lips!

L’overline this is one of the most loved and used techniques to increase the volume of the mouth and correct any asymmetry. This is done by tracing the contour of the lips with a neutral pencil that goes a little beyond the natural. Makeup artist recommended Claire Ferragniit is advisable to use one lip pencil the same shade as your skin tone for a natural effect. After completing this step, to avoid too harsh contouring and a fake effect, blend the pencil inward and finish the makeup by applying lipstick in the same color as the pencil. What is the best way to apply pencil? smile!

Concealer and highlighter: two professional tricks!

corrector not only is it a great ally for imperfections and dark circles, but it can also be good for our lips. In fact, by applying a little along the lip contour and setting with powder, you will get the effect of “zeroing out” or a less pronounced edge that can be redrawn with a nude pencil. Corrector and foundation they can also be applied to the center of the lower lip for lightness and volume, and not just to the corners of the mouth to make it narrower and therefore more voluminous in the center. Also Light source it can play a fundamental role in our mouth, according to the Hadid sisters, who often use it in their makeup. How? Lightly tapped on the cupid’s bow to instantly give our lips a plump luminous dot.

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Lip Plumper: immediately for full lips


OUR Lips plump they are the perfect remedy for all those lazy people who don’t want to do the counting and makeup to make their lips plump and fleshy. Lip volumizers are applied like regular glosses, but can also be used as a base before applying lipstick. Thanks to the active ingredients in their composition, these wonderful glosses activate the process vasodilatation which causes irritation and swelling of the lips and also causes a tingling sensation. Result? Lips are immediately full and plump. Its effect, however, tends to wear off within a few hours. On the market you will find a wide range lips are plumper that meet all needs.

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Avoid outlines that are too dark and highlighted

Avoid using too dark pencils or lipstick and/or lip liner with too clear and defined lines. Cause? This can make lips appear smaller and less natural. Instead, opt for lighter shades and soften the contours with a concealer.

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