How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work

We’ll cover the best tips for increasing your income with Google Opinion Rewards.

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work
Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app designed to make money from digital apps and services.

What is Google Opinion Rewards? The app allows you to earn money by answering surveys in about 30 countries.Generally, the questions posed to users are relevant to their problems Physical store consumption habits. For example, they will often ask you to confirm that you visited an establishment, purchased something and how you paid for it.

As with many survey sites, the money earned is converted into prizes rather than deposited directly into the account.In this case, since it’s a Google application, revenue is reflected in the Balance on Google Play Store. Using this balance, you can purchase apps and pay for subscriptions.

It should be noted that to redeem the balance of the Google App Store, you must have the full amount. Obviously, multiple payment methods are not supported in a single transaction. Now that all is clear, what can you do to earn more and earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards?

Answer questions truthfully

Responding honestly is one of the most effective ways to earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards. because?The company placed some wrong result Validates that the option marked by the user is true.

Completing the survey should not take you more than 2-3 minutes. So pay close attention to the boxes you mark.Sometimes surveys provide a list of businesses that you allegedly visited and also provide entries none of the above.

select the last option usually less money. However, this is one of the ways Google determines whether you are answering questions truthfully.

Do not change location or your personal data

Another issue closely related to the previous one is providing correct information about your profile. Some of this information, such as age, is obtained by the application directly from your Google Account.However, the application To allow you to amend the details of your profileas the country of residence.

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work

Do not change the location of the application.The data you provide is best real

Trying to use another alternative market in order to make more money is not a good idea. We also don’t recommend faking your Google account details or using a VPN to obscure findings.

Obviously, google opinion rewards It’s bad for your privacy, but it’s the price you have to pay if you want to reap the financial rewards.

Make sure you have notifications turned on

The key to making money with this Google app is Answer as many surveys as possible. Activating notifications is critical to knowing when more questions need to be answered.

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work

App notifications help you stay up to date with available surveys

Our suggestion is to open the Google Opinion Rewards settings and click the notify. You will reach the app’s notification settings, where you must activate all types.

Keep Location History On

Even when you’re not using the Maps app, the Google Maps timeline or location history keeps track of your every move. This information is crucial in preparing the survey application for a series of questions.

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work

Google location history is critical to making money with this app

So make sure to enable this option.To check from phone settings, press Google > Manage My Account.then go to the tab data and privacy.In the Privacy Settings section, check that the setting is marked Activated location history. If not, click on the parameter and follow the steps to enable the feature.

activate location on phone

Even with location history turned on, you need your phone’s GPS to be active to send location history data.


If Google Opinion Rewards does not capture information about your activity, Will not send you surveys Therefore, you will not make money. We recommend that you open the quick settings of the notification shade to check if the location is activated.

update application

Having the latest version of Google Opinion Rewards allows you to take advantage of the latest innovations.

For example, suppose Google adds the a new kind of investigation, for which you pay more money and only works with the latest version of the app. In this case, you will lose the opportunity to increase your account balance.

Click the button below to open the Google Opinion Rewards tab in the Play Store and make sure there are no new releases.

Download | Google Opinion Rewards

Prevent your balance from expiring

Google Opinion Rewards balance has expired. This means your rewards don’t last forever, you have to spend them to take advantage of them.

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work

Don’t forget to spend your balance!If it expires, you will lose it forever

As shown in the image above, in the application, under the total balance fetched, the message appears “Part of your balance has expired” next to the date.That is Deadline by which you must spend the funds you have received and conducted some investigations.

Each award has a different expiration date. The rewards displayed on the main screen correspond to the first expiration of one of your rewards.

don’t stop moving

Moving on is another action that can help you earn more money through opinion rewards.

Most surveys are for companies that have a business or brick-and-mortar store. so, The Simple Facts of Moving Around the City It already lets you earn a few cents on a regular basis, even by answering surveys and giving answers none of the above.

If you live in a remote area, it will be more difficult to earn money with the Google Surveys app.

Pay attention to the problem

We have explained it to you, and the system appreciates your honest answer. So avoid marking options without thinking too much as this will penalize you in the long run.

Carefully review the requirements for each step, then Go through the answers carefully to choose the best one.. Avoid the temptation to answer wrong to make more money fast.

provide all the information they request

Finally, if your intent is Grow your income with Google Opinion Rewardsyou will have to sacrifice some privacy and share any information they ask you.

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards: 10 Tips That Work

Trade history lets you see where your profits are going

The data requested is not intrusive, such as whether you have visited a certain place. Chances are Google already knows you’ve done it. However, more personal requests, such as when an app asks you to take a photo of a purchase receipt. It can be declined, although this will result in a reduction in the total amount won. this is your choice.

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