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And just when you thought there were no more Barbie movie secrets and backstory, the trick that Margot Robbie used pops up.

The film had big success both positive and negative regarding the message he wanted to leave to the public, in fact he divided them into two fronts, but the main argument is now different, Margot Robbie made it public to make it even more her skin is perfect he drank for a while Herb tea.

Margot Robbie as Barbie (Photo from Instagram — margotrobbieofficial) —

Many actors and actresses who they have to prepare for a new role, they have the task of changing their appearance, such as gaining weight or losing weight, also for an important personification of Barbie he worked hard on himself and thanks to this drink had great benefitsespecially on his leatherThat’s what it is.

Herbal tea for beautiful skin

Many, both people close to the actress and people in the cinema, noticed look very good on a woman in relation to her skin, and it was not a special effect or make-up made especially for her, it really was due to the fact that he drank for a long time special drink What did he do miracles about her and now shared her secrets

Hot herbal tea (Photo from Canva) —

In an interview, she said that, like many of her colleagues, she followed special diet made for her from a skin health specialistit didn’t take too much computer work, she was already beautiful and radiant so alone for her preparation, that’s what have to do to do it at home.

This drink is a lot famous in Croatia and this is very important for cleanse the liverand since the actress was supposed to have a very radiant face, the skin specialist understood that it was necessary acts on the liver and nervous systemand she did it perfectly, so here’s her secret: milk thistle tea.

Milk thistle is excellent help for the liver, but also some bone, reduces cholesterol levels and that helps too lose weightall you need to prepare it is Thistle “heart”therefore, it must be washed, cleaned and the outer shell removed and infused in boiling water for about 20 minutes, it must release its bitter taste, strain and drink the drink hot or warm, but without sugar.

Milk thistle tea (Photo courtesy of Canva) —

As previously stated, the actress also followed regular and special diet suitable and personalized just for her, as well as she did physical work to be resilient, although she was supposed to look like a plastic doll, she also ate kefir to improve intestinal balance, and her doctor said that she really liked it; but be careful not to drink too much this drink What can lead to various side effects.

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