how to make the spring 2023 trend unique

Fashion is cyclical even in the beauty world, and like any other trend, short nails, easy to take care of (and to personalize), are also making a comeback. Discover the new spring 2023 trend!

It’s all part of clean girl“aestheticthat style (but also attitude towards life, from nutrition onwards) which has been so much in vogue over the last year and which will probably last even in 2023. Although there is a sizable faction of online users, where the trend takes place, who cheer for the goblin modein fact, the girl cured and faked low maintenance it is the one that has depopulated the most. Like any self-respecting fashion, it has engulfed everything, from looks for the gym to skin care routines, up to nails. After years of stiletto&co., the short nails, natural (or built to look natural). But be careful: banality, with the exception of some very classic exceptions, is not welcome. How to bring out your personality through short nails nail art that will be fashionable this spring 2023?

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Timeless nude also in 2023

But what, we have just finished saying that banality is forbidden and we offer you a manicure naked? Well yes, because there are classic models in fashion and beauty that are literally timeless. A manicurist short with nails tints of nude is simple to take care of and maintain, it makes you immediately tidier and facilitates the combination with any kind of outfit: after all, the color is literally neutral. In the same category of timeless classics we also insert the french, a very simple decoration that focuses on the end of the nail and that stands out very much its elegance on the nude colors. In the case of short nails, it must be done strictly micro.

Chrome – on short nails, even better

The effect chrome which was so popular applied to the eyelid in the boldest and most innovative make-up a few years ago, has now moved to the nails. In keeping with the birth of futuristic aesthetics taken directly from dystopian films and videogames, in fact, fashion has become heavier with metals (or similar) as a detail or entire garment. Now the chrome also moves on the nails, and there are two options if you want to recreate this effect on your short nails for the spring 2023: opt for a simple nail polish metallicor decide to indulge ourselves with real ones metal sculptures on our nails, each with its own very special, unique and irreproducible shape.

Smileys, daisies and anything else that comes to mind, or that reminds you of spring

Despite the complexity of designs of this type, it is the original and cheeky style that is easiest to recreate yourself, through the use of stickers for nails, a good polish top coat resistant, a few colors more than the average and a lot of imagination. The designs that more than others will be in fashion during this one spring 2023 I am smileys, clouds, daisies and any other kind of flower, which is however moderately stylized and graphic. The more you want to experiment, the more you can mix these inspo together to create the manicure perfect! If you then add the use of contrasting colors, then your nails can really transform into a pop manifesto of your personality.

Mismatched nails (even if they are short): the true evergreen trend

Mismatched nails, i.e. literally “unmatched nails”: not between hands and feet, mind you, but right between them as a whole. This style, loved by many Italian celebrities (see Clare Ferragniwho often sported them with the logos of their own fashion brand) and foreign ones (such as Kylie Jenner, even if in her case it is difficult to talk about short nails), allows maximum creativity, x10. The dream, or perhaps the nightmare, of every beautician. There’s no going overboard with this style of nailsince it is already a real one in itself statement hard to ignore.

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Micro painting on the nails

Hard to say when this trend has begun: what is certain is that it will continue during the spring of 2023, albeit in different ways from those we know. Painting on the verge of realism on nails it has an ancient history, but once again for this year, also considering perhaps the smaller space on which to draw that short nails offer us, micro painting is devoted to simplicity. And often, to what is defined as “odd“, a strange one in a good way: bizarre little fish will appear on the thumbs and just as many illustrations on the rest of the nails, like the manicure below demonstrates.


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