How to make walks with children more beneficial?

Fitbit: How to make walking with kids more beneficial?
Fitbit: How to make walking with kids more beneficial?

Taking walks outside is more than a great idea to distract yourself, you can do it almost every time of the year, depending on the weather. This activity can be done with family and friends, everyone can achieve positive benefits for their physical and mental health. It will allow children to release their energy and enjoy more freedom.

“Unlike riding a bike or sharing toys on the playground, hiking is something parents don’t have to control,” says Maria Sechrist, who runs the Hike Snowmass site and brings her two children (ages 1 and 3 years) hiking with her husband. “Tell the kids, ‘Go ahead, be the leader,’ and they’ll feel like they’re in charge, deciding where to go and when to take a break,” he concludes.

Regardless of the age of your kids, everyone can enjoy hiking with the following tips from Fitbit.

Choose the right path. “My husband and I have a ‘do less’ attitude,” says Sechrist. “We prefer that the children have fun before reaching a waterfall or walking a certain number of kilometers.” So put your interests aside and think: How long can I keep my children’s attention during a walk? Then choose a path that they can complete in less time. Once you know your kids can do, say, a half hour walk, build up from there.

Thus, while they start this new walking dynamic, they can also choose from their Fitbit app fun ways to start, such as an adventure race, and thus be able to feel that they are traveling iconic routes such as the Valley Loop or the Pohono Route. In this challenge they will virtually tour picturesque sites of interest and unlock panoramic photos as they complete miles on the map.

Also make sure the conditions are not too difficult for your little ones. They might find it fun to go up a little rock climb, but if you choose a trail that is too challenging, they won’t enjoy it. “And trying to convince them to take another hike will be less likely,” says Wesley Trimble, creative and communications director for the American Hiking Society, who walks with his 3-year-old son.

“And, of course, check that the trail is safe and does not have steep slopes or other potential hazards. Consider consulting trail guides to help you find the best trail, “suggests Trimble.

Pack snacks. Load up on hiking-friendly foods that your kids like. “Having some of their favorites will help keep them energized and excited on the road,” says Trimble. And don’t forget the water or juice too.

Check their shoes. “Children do not need hiking boots. The investment is not worth it, as their feet can grow quickly when they are young, ”says Trimble. Instead, always choose closed-toe shoes (not sandals or flip flops) so that dirt and rocks are less likely to bother them. Next, check that the shoes are fastened securely, but not too tight, and that his toes have room to move. The most important thing is to examine the footprints of the shoes. Choose ones that cannot slide.

Consider layers (or not). Trimble recommends packing several pieces of warm clothing to ensure that your children (especially the little ones in baby carriers) stay warm on the go. On the other hand, Sechrist recommends leaving extra clothes and diapers in the car and just walking only when the weather is nice and you don’t need to bring extra clothes.

Keep your kids engaged. “A walk can test your children’s attention span. To avoid boredom, consider their personalities, ”says Trimble. “Some children want to explore instead of walking.” If that’s the case, let them see the stream, play with a branch, or examine each flower.

Or if your kids are very creative and imaginative, consider telling stories along the way, perhaps with their favorite characters.

“They can also play games like I see I see or go through the alphabet and try to find things in nature for each letter, “recommends Trimble. “For hard letters like Q, look for things that are shaped like that letter or objects that start with that letter. Or they can just look for great sticks or rocks. “

Together with Fitbit, they can make their walks more entertaining by proposing challenges as a family through the Fitbit application. Link your device and the new Fitbit Ace 3 for children in the creation of a family account to connect and be able to know the statistics of your children’s daily activity and that each movement is part of a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Fitbit Ace 3 offers a new design for children from 6 years old, waterproof with fun colors, challenges, as well as functions focused on them while inviting them to spend more time with the family through physical activities.

In addition, from the application, you can configure animated reminders that will arrive on the screen of your Fitbit Ace 3, so that they move and stretch their legs when they have been sitting for a long time. Thus, the more they activate, the more they can earn virtual badges that will motivate them to keep walking and find new ways to break their records.

Monitor their moods. Children will naturally tire before their parents. “You can always choose a trail that has multiple paths to allow you to shorten the hike if necessary,” says Sechrist. “Also, be patient for frequent breaks (especially as time goes on) and slow down,” concludes Trimble.

Lastly, be prepared for everything. “If you start to hear an increase in whining or have to try to keep it engaged more often, that indicates that you are going to run into exhaustion,” says Sechrist. “Be prepared to drop everything and turn around.”


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