How to manage your money in times of coronavirus


We live a time unreleased, locked in the house and with a face mask.

The health crisis generated by the coronavirus and its economic impact have come to disrupt our daily lives and our pockets in a radical way.

Guys are not going to the school, restaurants, bars, cinemas and shopping centers remain closed, companies stopped activities, and the owners negotiate with their employees working from home or work stoppages, temporary with a less payment or without pay.

In the worst cases, many are being left without jobs.

Large number of small and micro-businesses, formal and informal, which give employment to the greater part of the mexicans, such as workshops, mechanical and electrical, vulcanizadoras, hairdressers and beauty salons, tlapalerías and hardware stores, clothing and shoe stores, and even changarros street, not have customers: they are closing and going out of business.

As the saying goes: “The oven is not for buns”.

In front of this situation of economic uncertainty, what should you do?

The most important thing is to have liquidity and to take care of the sources of income, that is to say, the job or business that can provide constant resources to meet the basic needs of you and your family.

Talk with your boss or your employer to make clear what is your work situation and the strategy that will follow the company during the contingency by the coronavirus.

If he was cautious and a saver, it constitutes an important support. But if you do not have it, to the extent possible, it is very important to go making a stash to cope with any contingency.

Avoid all superfluous expenses is an important way of saving. Perhaps, temporarily, you can do without some services that involve some income, as may be the payment of fitness center, fast food or pay television, and even some habits, such as smoking a cigar or to purchase alcoholic beverages.

In these moments it is very important take a management orderly of income and the destination given to them. It is likely that, if you accounts, be aware that in some cases performs unconsciously costs to be excessive, for example, at the time of making the purchases of the pantry.

Make a list of what you really need and stick to it.

Avoid, to the extent possible, purchases of panic, that many times are unnecessary, and only removed liquidity.On the contrary, can generate a stock part. Make purchases appropriate to the circumstances, covering the requirements of food, health and healing, mainly.

Try to be punctual with their financial commitments. To make payments on your credit card, auto, mortgage or rent on time, so as not to have to deal with late fees or other additional costs.

Avoid getting into debt, but if by any cause outside you have the urgent need to borrow, try to get soft loans, not very expensive, maybe in the realm of the family.

The bank credit can be expensive, but the pawnshops and the agiotistas tend to be more abusive.

In any case, if you do not have access to the financial system, consider the possibility of the Mount of Piety, which is a large institution and secure.

Talk with your partner or with your family members about all the economic problems, which leads to the current health situation facing the country. It is always better that we are all clear what is the ground that we walk on and the changes that we have put in place to overcome the contingency.

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