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how to mine and which cryptocurrency yields the most

Juan Lautaro Aude and Juan Andrés Aude are cousins ​​and share a passion for digital currencies. And they created a company for others to join the boom

Juan Lautaro Aude and Juan Andrés Aude have much more in common than their first name and last name. They are both cousins, share a passion for technology and crypto mining, and together they carry out JA Miners, a startup that provides solutions linked to the world of digital currencies: from rigs (equipment) to mine up housing (storage of machines) and advisory.

It all started about five years ago, when Juan Lautaro and Juan Andrés crossed paths with the gaming computers and they noticed that they could use them for more things. “We started by testing it for ourselves and found that there was a way to make all that equipment profitable that we had to play little games, “he explains to iProUP Juan Lautaro.


If you want to mine cryptocurrencies, this startup gives you a hand: it sets up your team and tells you which currency yields the most

“We realized that it was profitable not only for us but also for any client and now we’ve been open to the public for about eight months. You we dedicate all our savings to this because we believed that it was something that was good “, completes Juan Andrés.

The cousins ​​did the first team building for a friend and They recorded the moment, which was uploaded to a group for the commercialization of this type of product. “Everything exploded there, they began to reach us orders from everywhere and that allowed us not to have to sacrifice more our savings “, complements Lautaro.

Among the services they offer are:

  • Assembly of mining equipment, advice to use it and to know what to invest in
  • Advice and technical support
  • Housing: JA Miners sells the rig and stores it in its own space
  • Consulting for businesses to charge with virtual currencies

“We sell equipment that achieves produce different cryptocurrencies. The cost effectiveness It depends on the moment in which they are mining either one or the other crypto. Do not It depends only of value but also of the so-called ‘Mining difficulty‘, namely, how much does it cost to produce a coin in a month “, explains Juan Andrés.

In addition, it develops: “Depending on the machine you have, according to its size and power, you will be able to visualize day by day how much it is costing you to produce it. More and more people have these machines and the system itself warns you this: ‘If we are many we will have to distribute the reward between all of us and it’s going to cost you more to produce that coin. ‘ Therefore, in addition to selling you the machine, we tell you what currency should you mine each week“, details Juan Andrés.

In La Plata, Juan Lautaro and Juan Andrés manage bunkers where they store some of their clients’ equipment: “That for us is a work of art, it is like a milestone. many teams with a lot of power mining “, says Juan Lautaro with a peculiar glint in his eyes and adds:” It’s what we like: my cousin is Industrial Engineer and I am physical so for us to see that place is fantastic. ”

However, the two Juanes clarify that anyone can have mining machinery. “To have it at home you need a basic internet connection, either Wifi or by network wire“, explains Juan Andrés.

And he adds: “What is most important and what can be a bottleneck is the electrical installation, It’s like telling you that you are going to have the microwave on all day. Before we sell you the equipment, we analyze how your house is and from there we make you a recommendation of an electrical installation specific “.

Regarding the time and place to develop JA Miners, Andrés assures: “Argentina is a country where this business is fruitful because we have a very low cost of electricity compared to the world. They taught us to save mainly in dollars, but one is not used to doing financial studies and understanding that there are a lot of things that can be studied and that they are much more convenient than leaving a few bills looking in a drawer. ”

Today JA Miners has more than 300 clients, of which more than 150. In their work to get them, the two cousins ​​emphasize the importance of working as a family and being who they really are.

“We have a certain facility in communicating what the business is about and in transmitting confidence. I think our way of chat customers like it a lot and if it is not the number one reason, it is in the top three of the reasons why they choose us “, assures Juan Lautao Aude.

And he concludes: “The best thing you can do is contact us, if it is necessary to come and see us and Depending on the capital you have, we put together a plan and a strategy May it serve you and your money is already beginning to move. “

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