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It was released in Italian cinemas on 7 September 1972, almost a year later than in the United States. “Clockwork Orange”one of the masterpieces of Stanley Kubrick, The film that marked an era saw the director predict a future in which violence would be rampant, with no real solutions to combat it.
Six days later, on 13 September, the second edition of UEFA CupIn which 64 participating teams are ready to compete hard from the beginning.
Slippery thirty-second among the rich Goliaths, like a total of 21-0 feyenoord on the luxembourg rumelange and 12-3 of the defending champions Tottenham But lynn oslo and hard-fought victories, such as a 4-3 victory Valencia But Manchester City, At the end of a double challenge, thrilling and full of emotions.
The first round also saw the abandonment of the Finns.HJK Helsinkiwith k den hvidoware who pass the round without playing and the premature elimination of two of the four Italian representatives, i.e. cagliari And Turin.
Sardinian fishingOlympiakosBuild formidable team and your ability Karaiskakis Stadium, On the inspiration of a hellish cheer. just two minutes later albertosi comes out badly on a cross from the right e Gioutso’s He put the opening goal into the net.
reaction of cagliari, fielded in the best possible formation Domenghini, Blonde, Nene And Edge, Only an unfortunate cross is produced, which the Brazilian heads in on a free kick.
At the start of the second half, the Greeks attacked again, this time from a free kick. Triantafilos, how cold albertosi From afar, thanks to even a small bend in the barrier.
cagliari, Stunned by a second conceded goal, he risks a fall but manages to control the gustsOlympiakos and restarted the game in the 66th minute with a superb right foot Domenghini from outside
As far as saint’eliaDespite many opportunities, red blue They would not be able to make a comeback, losing 1–0 due to an unfortunate own goal. Communard Nicolas.
if the output of cagliari From UEFA Cup comes unexpectedly, but deserves what happens Turin It has the flavor of a thriller story.

shame of the canaries

I’m Grenade Gustavo Gianoni, after a wonderful adventure in Cup Winners’ Cup 1971/72show on the opening line of UEFA Cup With great ambitions. The urn protects an economical opponent for thirty seconds, i.e. las palmas, A team without any particular European pedigree.
1st leg, played municipal Of Turin I see grenade With the help of both, they dominated the Spaniards and defeated them 2-0. John Toschi, Exiting to thunderous applause and one foot in the sixteenth note. unfortunately for bull Nothing can be said about what will happen in Spain two weeks later.
on 27 September las palmas 4-0 win (by braces) to do this And Devora), dominate one Turin which appears to be altogether absent; The reasons for this unexpected and sensational beating come to light a few days later.
back in Italy, actually, I grenade i’m sorry too Palermo, 1-0, playing the same as the match Las Palmas. all players at the end of the match grenade Individuals selected for anti-doping test are positive Luminal And diazepam, Two sedatives and sedatives.
grenade, As it turned out, they had been drugged during the Spanish training camp, the drug having been included in the food consumed by the team.
A shocking and unseemly incident that immediately led to a complaint to management UEFA And given the destructive effect of drugs on the physical condition of the grenades (especially young ones), a detoxification procedure for the entire command group.
Therefore, out of Turin comes UEFA Cup in a decidedly unorthodox way, while las palmas He would continue till the round of 16, where he would make an unexpected exit from the tournament, but we will talk about that later.

A bitter “Vitoria”

even at the end of the 16th round Florentine And Difference, The last two Italians left in the game walked out without regret.
Viola is kicked out Victoria Setubal, 1-0 loss in Portugal (Duda) and only touching return Franks.
aim of clerics After only three minutes he betrayed the fans, who erupted again in front of the defender in the 21st minute mario perego Signs off 2-0. Unfortunately Hope only lasts for 7 minutes, which is long duda to score the final 2–1 goal, which qualified the Portuguese for the quarter-finals, based on the away goals rule, whereDifference,
Nerazzurri, after removal Valletta And norrköping fall into the trap ofestadio do bonfim, losing 2–0; General duda The scoring opened in the quarter of an hour, while an unfortunate own goal Beanie At the end.
return to san siro seesDifference leaning forward in search of balance, but I nerazzurri they settle for goals scored on penalty kicks boninsegna At 37′.
victoria setubalSo, the tournament eliminates the last two Italian exponents in a row, proving to be one of the tournament’s loose cannons, in good company with other interesting surprises.

phenomenal quarter

quarter finals of UEFA Cup 1972/73 Looking at the contenders they certainly are distinctive.
Going in order, the least balanced double challenge is Liverpool-Dynamo Dresden, i with Red, Already the executioner eintracht frankfurt And dynamo berlin, Brutal and cynical, as evidenced by the 3-0 aggregate. liverpool He is a strong candidate for final victory, but in the semi-finals he will face a tough and famous obstacle: the defending champions Tottenham.
Spurs interrupt the dream of victoria setubalNot without effort.
On 7 March 1973 a white Hart Lane The game was blocked, with the Portuguese clearly projected to bring home the final 0–0. Pedroto’s men manage to overcome the gusts Tottenham until the 80th minute, when, following the development of a lateral foul, peters acts as a bank for ray evans, Which made the score 1-0.
on March 21, at bonfim, The Portuguese played a sensational match as usual and took a 2-0 lead through a goal in the 65th minute. Campora And Torres. Feels like it’s another achievement Vitoriawho however suffers the goal of Martin Chivers in the 68th minute, which shows Tottenham Forward on the away goals rule.
so the first semi final will be liverpool vs tottenham, However, on the other hand, comes a big surprise.
if the ability borussia monchengladbach It’s never been in question, as evidenced by the 9-2 overall kaiserslautern, other quarter finals between OFK Belgrade And twente Looks open to any outcome.
first step onOmladinsky Stadium is determined by the tremendous hat-trick of ninoslav zek, Who entered the final 3-2 in the 73rd minute.
Unfortunately for Slava, upon returning twente the cooperation of two turns the score Jan Juring, Top scorer of the tournament (together) Jupp Henkes), Making it to the semi-finals.

fraternity struggle

On March 27 a los angeles, there happens Oscar Night 1973who sees victory “cabaret”Winner of 8 Statuettes and D “Saint”Including who ends up with 3 prizes best movie And Best Main Character To Marlon Brando.
However, the semi-finals on 10 April UEFA Cup; If there is a challenge in between borussia monchengladbach And twente Appeared without any history in the first leg match, which ended 3–0 for the Germans (who would then also win the second leg 2–1), liverpool-tottenham It is played on the edge of balance.
first stage ad is played Enfield and this is a monologue Red, who takes the lead with a scrum goal alec lindsay after 17 minutes and then knocks again and again Pat Jennings. the goalkeeper of spurs, Already a hero in the March 31st challenge First class Between the two teams, two penalties were saved. keegan And Smith, The hosts repelled every attack, narrowing the loss to 1–0 in the final.
on 24 April a white Hart Lane, match is more balanced with Spurs who opened the scoring in the 49th minute, with a goal that was identical to his signature goal against victoria setubal: on a line of chivers, gilzen does for headboard peters, Which made the score 1-0.
liverpool he hits big and gets a quick draw keegan one who runs fast and supports the one in front Highway, For 1-1.
again at 62′ peters resolves a brawl in the area and scores a 2–1 goal, which virtually reopens the qualification issue, but liverpool The one who manages to survive for the last half an hour wins the final.

first win

in may 1973 i deep purple they release “smoke on the Water”single from album “machine Head”, Destined to enter the history of rock music. The song tells about an incident that actually happened at a music festival in 1971 frank zappa To Montreux, when a flame from a fan catches fire, causing members to catch fire deep purple They assist from their hotel.
For liverpool Of Bill Shankly, Instead, May 1973 could be a month of history, with a first European trophy just one step away. However, the opponent is actually one of the tougher borussia monchengladbach remains one of the strongest teams in Europe and, like the English, is looking for its first international title.
The first leg is scheduled for 9 May, but after 27 minutes of torrential rain, the referee decided to postpone the match to the next day.
the challenge of Enfield Looks at a single, great hero: kkk, king Kevin Keegan. Number 7 after 20 minutes reds he dives on the ball scattered in the area Toshak and opened the scoring as they doubled on the half-hour, again taking advantage of a tower by the Welsh attacker.

in the second part liverpool stop playing with lloyd, that comes out at a higher angle than normal Keegan, mortgage cup.
Thirteen days later, Al Bokelbergstadion, Borussia He tries to pull off the feat and delivers a near-perfect performance in the first half. The hero of the match is the top scorer of the tournament, Jupp Henkes, who opened the scoring in the 29th minute on the invitation of rap and then doubled it in the 40th minute with a fine right-footed shot from inside the penalty area.
The hosts continued to attack in the second half in search of a third goal that would have guaranteed extra time, but liverpool punches and wins UEFA Cup 1972/73, First trophy in the glorious history of Red. For borussia, Instead, another missed opportunity, but the future will reserve another for me Fohlen.

Therefore, this season also ended with another English victory; in the next episode Tottenham He will return to raise his voice, but he is ready to surprise an unlikely team from northern Europe. appointment in three weeks, with UEFA Cup 1973/74,

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