How to prevent and treat allergies in spring

At this time of year, thousands of people suffer from immune hypersensitivity disorders that primarily affect the oral cavity, conjunctiva, and bronchial mucosa.

As September approaches, we are only a few weeks away from the start of the new semester. spring In our country, this means that many Chileans have begun to face a difficult problem at this time: allergy.

Although there are many types of this situation, Hay fever This is the most popular seasonal.It’s because this time of year plant pollination All plants.

Even so, not all of these cause hay fever, an immune hypersensitivity disease that primarily affects the oral cavity, conjunctiva, and bronchial mucosa, with a variety of known symptoms Rhinitis, conjunctivitis, etc.

In this scenario Claudio Arangisacademic american university school of nursinggiving various suggestions Recognize symptoms and cope better Spring allergies.

From the beginning he wanted to make it clear Self-medication should not be practiced under any circumstances Without prior medical consultation. “If you have any symptoms that make it difficult to carry out daily activities, you should talk to your doctor because It depends on the degree of allergyit varies from person to person as to whether medical treatment with antihistamines or corticosteroids is needed,” he advises.

Some risk factors are pressure, environmental pollution, tobacco, diet and Changes in gut microbiota through antibiotics.

Advice on fighting allergies

Claudio Aránguiz commented: “Regarding environmental factors, the fact is There is little that can be done to relieve the symptoms of environmental allergies.”, but also thinks that “Exposure to indoor PM2.5Pollutants from tobacco smoke and contaminated household cleaning and cooking equipment (household dust) can be higher than those outside the home. ”

“Control measures within the home are therefore very important, e.g. Clean dust by vacuuming (do not sweep)anyone Use a damp clothnoOr carpets and sofas tend to accumulate mitesprefer leather, eco-leather or cuerina,” he points out.

There are currently some on the market Air filter with HEPA filter, it can filter PM2.5 particles and indoor mites.These may be preventive measures, however, if symptoms persist, the only option is to consult a doctor, ideally a specialist Immunology.

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