How to Prune Your ‘Bugambilia’ So It’s Blooming

Gardening tips to beautify your home: How to prune your ‘Bougambilia’ to bloom / Photo: Freepik

Mexico has a wide variety of medicinal plants, one of which is the bougainvillea, also considered an ornamental plant due to its characteristic magenta or pink hue.If you start with gardening and you want to beautify your homewe reveal to you How to prune your ‘Bugambilia’ for full blooms.

According to the Mexican Agro-Food and Fisheries Information Service, lFlowers of ‘Bougambilia’ According to our ancestral herbal knowledge, the use of these medicines can “reduce the respiratory diseaseand relieve symptoms such as fever and pain.

this also helps improve respiratory system Because it promotes the proper functioning of the lungs and oxygenation of the body.his Traditional medicinal use is widespread in the central and southern states of the Mexican territory.In case of cough, asthma, bronchitis and flu, etc., a bulletin from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources said.

this The shrub is common in Mexican gardens, Due to the powerful health benefits of its showy flowers, it is commonly consumed through beverages such as tea and lemonade.

Gardening tips to beautify your home: How to prune your ‘Bugambilia’ to bloom / Image by Jose Corrales from Pixabay

How to Prune Your ‘Bugambilia’ So It’s Blooming

Proper pruning is essential to promote healthy growth and development of bougainvilleas.So, here are some Steps to prune the plant and encourage its flowering:

  • The best time to prune bougainvillea is after flowering, at regular intervals happens in spring After the main flowering period ends.

  • Before you start pruning, take a good look at the plant and decide which areas need pruning. Look for dead, damaged or diseased branchesand any excessive growth.

  • To promote compact, dense growth that produces copious blooms, cut back the longest, most cluttered, dead, diseased, or weakened branches. above the pruning node (where the leaves grow), About one-third the length of the branch. This will encourage the formation of side shoots and new shoots, which will eventually lead to flowering.

  • if you see Buds grow in unwanted directions, cut them for balance and neat shape. Also, be sure to wear gardening gloves to protect yourself when pruning, as this plant has some thorns.

Gardening tips to beautify your home: How to prune your ‘Bugambilia’ to bloom / Image by Hector Zamora from Pixabay

Other Basic Care for Keeping Your Bougainvillea Beautiful

  • After pruning, a good idea is to Fertilize with products rich in phosphorus and potassium, This will promote flowering. Follow package directions for correct dosage.

  • Keep your Bugambilia well watered, that is, Too much water can cause overgrowth of leaves instead of flowersAt the same time, too little fluid can affect your health and leave you feeling dry.

  • As bougainvilleas grow, you can Directs its branches towards trellises, walls or vertical supports for orderly growth And can display its beautiful flowers.

Gardening tips to beautify your home: How to prune your ‘Bugambilia’ to bloom / Image by Aldair Velázquez Ramírez from Pixabay

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