How to Remove Weeds from the Garden: Tips and Tricks

There are various ways to control the appearance of weeds in the garden. And get rid of them so they don’t reappear, like taking the time to water, make chemical-free herbicides and mulches, but it’s true that stopping and preventing weeds from growing and spreading isn’t always easy in our gardens .

Gardening experts at said: “Weeding is a real pain. Often, as soon as you get rid of one weed, another 10 will start growing in its place.” Gardens can look cluttered, so it’s important to keep them out of the way as much as possible. “

Follow these tips to avoid and eliminate weeds in your garden, and you’ll save time on gardening tasks.

1. water garden regular

Just like the flowers you plant in your garden, weeds need water to grow. Therefore, try to avoid areas with weeds when watering your plants. Use a watering can with a smaller nozzle to water only the base of the flower, rather than pouring water on the leaves.

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2. Pull out weeds by hand

Hand or fork weeding works well for annual or short-lived weeds. Perennial weeds die off in winter and regrow each spring, which means they have deep roots. “Simply removing the tops won’t affect these weeds,” explains Gardening Letters.

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3. root control

If you have a problem with perennial weeds, use a shovel and try to remove all of the weeds and more importantly their roots. Otherwise, the deep roots will ensure that the grass will continue to grow even after the tops are removed.

careful: Depending on the length of the roots, it affects the roots of the soil and surrounding plants and flowers.

4. Material

“If you have a particularly bad weed problem, it might be a good idea to lay down weeds and weed control fabrics,” advises the experts at Gardening Letters. “These fabrics should be placed over soil that has been recently cleared of weeds to prevent re-growth. Materials can be: plastic sheeting, woven material and textile material, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.”

Wear-resistant weed net 50g/m²

Wear-resistant weed net 50g/m²

Wear-resistant weed net 50g/m²

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5. cover

A thick layer of mulch in flower beds will make it difficult for weeds to grow. However, the mulch has to be deep to be effective: about 10-15 cm should be enough to keep sun and water out of the weeds.

6. Natural herbicides (non-chemical)

Mix vinegar, soap, and water to make your own chemical-free herbicide. Spray it on garden weeds. Horticultural Letters explains that for some weeds, one spray is enough to kill them, but others may need several more sprays to kill them.

Alcohol Vinegar, 100% Natural Herbicide
Alcohol Vinegar, 100% Natural Herbicide
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Roundup ultraplus herbicide glyphosate 36%
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Herbicide Total Concentrate
Herbicide Total Concentrate
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