How to Solve Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Mode Clues – Mortal Kombat 1

The mode is not only a tribute to the legendary history, but also presented as an RPG game with some secret challenges included in the map

he Restart From the most famous fighting legends (licensed by Street Fighter or Tekken) there are many game modes hidden, which means that we have a lot to do in the game.One of the most innovative and eye-catching is Intrusion modein which we control one of the characters from Mortal Kombat 1 Overcome a range of challenges In one panel, we’re taken on a tour of some of the most iconic scenes and moments in the saga. Let me explain. what does it consist of What’s the top secret of the game’s first season?

Mortal Kombat Invasion Mode

Perhaps the simplest way to describe this new paradigm is For example Compared to another fighting game, but much more relaxing in nature: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its modes world of light. You’ll remember that in the best-selling Nintendo Switch, its story mode took place in a map filled with homages to all the universes Nintendo has created over its 30-plus years of development history.

he Intrusion mode Mortal Kombat follows the same principle: we control a character of our choice as well as an unlocked Kameos warrior to complete missions A map representing a chessboard.In addition to challenges and some towerson their boards there is a series of secrets that can give us some rewards, either in the form of coins (for mods or spent in seasonal or general stores) or cosmetics, personalise To the warriors.

How to crack hack mode clues and secrets

What’s unique about these is that clue or riddleThe thing is, they are updated every season in addition to seasonal quests or challenges. The ones we mention here can be found on several invasion mode boards.You’ll know which one they are because in box description One of the clues tells us something about what we must do to solve these problems. Below I’ll describe how to achieve the secret goals of Season 1:




Suyedre Leodnum

Use Cyrax’s Kameo death to end the battle

Fengjian Village

amnista 4

Possess amulets with four charges and use them in combat

Shundu Festival

Toast! ! !

Kameo using Scorpion Deadly

Shundu Festival

Quaker X10

Crouch at least 10 times and win the battle

forest of life

Emidon Nitroll

End the fight by performing Salina’s Cameo Fallacy

forest of life

UOTCR EDL Bothmore

Complete the battle using Kung Lao’s Fatality Kameo

Fire Temple

Use life-giving elements

Play as Rain and cause death

Fire Temple


Play as Shang Tsung and use his lethality

shang tsung laboratory

I pulled my hair out

Change sides 30 times in a battle and win

Colonia Tarkatan


Complete the battle using Ashra’s secret lethality

Colonia Tarkatan

Remind you, Mortal Kombat 1 Season 1 will end next November 1at which point the next one will be activated and we will be presented New challenges and cosmetics Purchase in different in-game stores.

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