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Like every year, the United States starts the end of the year shopping season with Black Friday, the day of big sales and discounts in various stores and venues, but also in online platforms and stores. In Argentina the initiative is also repeating this experience, with various promotions and offers on the sites of local companies.

In this way, Argentines will have several options to make their purchases, since platforms such as TiendaMIA, Aerobox and Grabr allow them to take advantage of the discounts and offers of the main online stores in the United States. In turn, Amazon also allows you to buy directly from Argentina in those products that have the “Amazon Global” delivery service. In the case of local platforms, the values ​​are expressed in Argentine pesos and with quotas, with prices tied to the quotation of the “solidarity dollar”, which today is priced at $ 175, although one of the sites also offers “the dollar without taxes ”. The combo of “cheap dollar” – compared to other values ​​on the market – and comfortable quotas is the opportunity from Argentina to take advantage of the “super-offers” from the United States.

What are the keys to buying in Argentine stores linked to offers from abroad? Payments are processed in the country, with prices frozen in pesos and quotas; the user must not carry out any customs formalities, and the orders are guaranteed to be delivered within the periods indicated at the time of payment.

Platforms such as TiendaMIA are “cross-border eCommerce” that bring together products from Amazon, eBay and Walmart in the United States, which is why they take advantage of US discounts at local prices, including the PAIS tax and the AFIP collection. The site has 12 fixed fees for payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Naranja, Diners, CMR Falabella, Shopping, Nativa, Cencosud, Cabal, Argencard, Cordobesa and Cordial cards. They also accept payments with debit cards from all banks and PayPal, as well as international cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Aerobox Argentina is a similar case, with purchases in any store in the United States, China or Europe. It includes brands such as Forever21, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry or Asian stores such as AliExpress or Alibaba. “It’s the real Black Friday,” they announce in their advertisements on the public highway. As in TiendaMIA, there are no AFIP or Customs procedures, there is a guarantee of delivery and up to 12 installments with all means of payment. And they offer “import to the official dollar without 65%”, so that would bring the change to just over $ 100 for each US dollar.

At Grabr, the idea is different: you get products “at the lowest price” and they are delivered by travelers. An order is created with the product, the detail of how much it costs and where the traveler can buy it is added. A few years ago, the company highlighted Buenos Aires as the city that entered the most products with “friendly travelers”.

In addition, you can look for the best offers and promotions in technology, flights and clothing in the coverage of Black Friday 2021 of LA NACION.

What is the origin of Black Friday

The United States stores and their virtual branches will break their sales records this November 26, the date on which the country will celebrate Black Friday, its biggest day of discounts and promotions, which opens the shopping season for the holidays in the North American country. It is a celebration that has been part of the culture of the United States for more than 50 years, and whose history continues to be written year after year.

In addition to being the beginning of a season, for North Americans Black Friday is the close of Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. At that holiday, Americans emulate the 1621 dinner in which the Wampanoag aborigines shared their food with the English pilgrims who had arrived in the United States shortly before and who founded the first permanent settlement of Europeans in the land that they christened New England. .

The most accepted theory about the origin of Black Friday refers to the colors that establish the company’s accounting balances: after a year without sales, “in red”, the Friday after Thanksgiving was the opportunity to recover the balance sheets, and put them “In black”. Although this version was the one that popularized the term in the mid-1980s, the Encyclopedia Britannica points out that this is not the true origin of the name of the party.

The origins of this celebration are in Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, on the east coast of the United States. According to the Encyclopedia, in this city the term Black Friday was coined, but with a different meaning: in the 1950s, city police called the day after Thanksgiving that way, when stores promoted great discounts for Friday and It was sometimes combined with the long-awaited annual football game between the Army and Navy.

The day was a nightmare for the Police Department, which worked overtime to cater to the crowd that attended the game or did their shopping before the holidays, and the name Black Friday came to refer to the situation in downtown Philadelphia in this working day. In the 1960s, merchants tried to change the name to “Big Friday” to avoid a term that they considered negative, but that evidently caught on in American society, which massified the event with its original name.

Source: “La Nación”

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