How to Use Dark mode in WhatsApp


How to Easily Enable Dark mode in WhatsApp

WhatsApp finally, his latest feature announced that dark mode for Android and iOS iPhone. The information will be immediately announced in the official blog of the company WhatsApp.

Quoted from the Blog of WhatsApp, Saturday (7/3/2020) there is described, a dark mode for WhatsApp offers a new look that familiar. This feature was designed to the strain on the eyes in low ambient light reduce.

What apps dark mode is a feature, long awaited by the users of WhatsApp. Because in addition to the appearance of the dark, the phone screen does not take, to save excess energy, power consumption/battery.

For those who are curious to directly enjoy the thrill of the dark-mode in the WhatsApp application, you can directly use the chat app WhatsApp update.

Check out this how to enable dark mode WhatsApp

After running the Updates, or Updates in the playstore, you can directly activate this function via the menu settings in the menu “settings” > “chat” > and “theme”

Via the menu “theme” – last, click on the option “Dark” and click on the button to activate “OK”. A few seconds later, your WhatsApp-change the look with the color with all black.