how to win ken’s job at the beach

Ten days with Ken, like on Barbieland beach, but even better: not a plastic sea, but the turquoise lagoons of the Maldives. On the wave of (it must be said) the worldwide success of the Barbie movie The five-star resort Coco Budu Hiti offers a job to six dreams of Ken, who is to be chosen, and, fortunately, also Barbie. What to do? Only “The Beach”, as they say in the movie for a billion dollars. He has been doing this for 60 years and he is a professional, but the main requirement for getting a job is the opposite: no beach experience. Ryan Gilosling did it perfectly, why not do the same?

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Barbieland Beach: Looks like it’s inspired by Santa Monica in California.

However, the lucky one must be able to stand, “standing proudly on the sand, looking at the horizon” for hours, “following the course of the waves.” and especially “clear your head of all thoughts” and, of course, always carry your favorite videos with you (good luck using them in the sand…). So far it does not seem complicated, but we read further: “I feel comfortable improvising a musical number solo and in a group.” Other requests are the ability to play the guitar, to have two pairs of sunglasses, to stand on a surfboard. On the other hand, the hotel clarifies, there will be no patriarchy horses (those who have seen the film know what it is about, there is no spoiler for everyone else), but on the other hand will be Casa dei Sogni, or, as Barbie says, Mojo Dojo Casa House. everything for you, naturally on the beach, guaranteed tan and, for those who wish, even the perfect hairstyle. Last but not least, access to the right wardrobe and accessories.

Even flights are included – hopefully in Barbie’s pink jet – all meals and massages at Coco Spa, because the beach is hard work. Think you have the Kenergy you need? Have you always been told that your abs look engineered? (even Gosling wore a little makeup) that you have jet yellow hair? Do you love Barbie? Check out before August 31st and, above all, don’t forget the He’s just Ken version of the photo album.

ps We noticed on the site that this ‘until the last Ken’ beach competition seems to be reserved for UK citizens, but we still advise you to try: after all, Barbie has no nation and she never discriminates, right?

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