How ‘Tom and Jerry’ plan to beat ‘Detective Pikachu’?


Actress Chloë Grace Moretz has stated that the live action ‘Tom and Jerry’ plan to overcome to the animated films of today.

After decades of being fully animated, the life-long friends created by Hanna-Barbera, are ready for a new adventure in the theaters in 2021.

The film, which so far only has the title of ‘Tom and Jerry’, directed by Tim Story and will have a cast that includes Ken Jeong, Michael Peña and Rob Delaney, in addition to, Chloë Grace Moretz, who now gives voice to Merlina in the new adaptation of ‘Los Locos Addams’.

According to the actress, the film revolves around Kayla, played by Moretz, a normal human that is trapped in the middle of the eternal rivalry of the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry.

The movies that combine characters live and animated have existed for a long time, but have made great strides from a technical point of view in the last decades thanks to the now classics such as ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit?’ or the ‘Space Jam’.

However, in the last twenty years, this type of films have moved away from the 2D animation is clearly unrealistic in favor of the use of animation photorealistic computer to give life to the creatures of classic cartoons in 3D, in the style of ‘Detective Pikachu’.

Based on the recent comments Moretz, the live action ‘Tom and Jerry’ plan to beat the animated movies.

“It’s really exciting; it will not be anything like what you’ve seen before. Really integrates live action with animation to perfection. And it is different to any of the films that you have seen in this time with that; it Is more indicative of the films the oldest”, said Chloë Grace Moretz.

If the comments are valid, Tom and Jerry will be a little more animated and a little less “realistic“the characters of other hybrids in recent live-action and animation.

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It is encouraging to hear, if only because the idea of that Tom and Jerry are based on the physics of the real world in the movie sounds, frankly, a little boring.

Part of the enduring appeal of the animated short films of the original duet created in 1940 is that his comedy is not limited by reality and can be even more absurd.

With the advances in visual effects over the last decade, it should be easier to integrate their crazy antics in a real world environment now.

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Story has made a career out of directing comedies conventional, some more successful than others, so it’s probably safe to assume that Tom and Jerry will be closer to ‘Detective Pikachu’ to ‘Roger Rabbit’ in terms of quality and ambition.

On the other hand, the bar for the hybrid live-action and animation is not so high, especially when it comes to reboots of modern cartoon characters for decades.