How Tom Holland Quitting Drinking Changed His Life

tom holland He changed his life. In a recent podcast interview “Intentionally” Of Jai ShettyWellness guru in America, the 27-year-old British actor recounts his experience with alcoholism. famous for his role as Spider Man Back on the big screen, the talented star has declared that giving up alcohol was “the best choice of his life” and that he now feels “happier than ever”.

The turning point for Tom Holland came last year after the end of 2022 celebrations, when he decided to make a dry january Due to which he came to know about his alcohol addiction. “I was obsessed with the idea of ​​drinking,” he says in the podcast. “I was scared (…) I realized maybe I had a problem with alcohol.” The actor continued dieting in February to convince himself that the problem was not that big.

However, it was not an easy time for him. On the one hand, because the thought of drinking still tormented him, as he admitted, and on the other, because giving up alcohol made him feel alienated from his loved ones. “I felt like I didn’t know how to socialize anymore. I couldn’t go to the pub and get a soda anymore. I couldn’t go out to dinner anymore. It was tough”, confesses Tom Holland who says he distanced himself from his rugby-loving friends because everything with them “often became a question of how much more you can drink”.

In the end, our hero managed to survive and did not regret it. After spending six months without alcohol, the English actor is enjoying the bliss of his life as he sleeps better and his mind is more clear in facing the challenges of every day. “I was able to better manage the situations happening on the sets and earlier they would only annoy me. I felt healthy and well”, the boy cheered. “I was really addicted to alcohol. I am not ashamed to say that.”

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The article was originally published at GQ France.

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