How Valentín Castellanos plays and how he could fit into the River de Gallardo

Although he was champion and scorer last season in the MLS and the star figure of New York City, many millionaire fans had to look for videos and references of the young forward who wants the Doll.


After having strengthened the defense and midfield, River now he is moving in this passing market with the aim of closing the hiring of a striker who can rank the last meters of the pitch. Several names paraded in recent days, but it seems that the one pointed out by Marcelo gallardo is Valentin Castellanos, who shone last season in MLS.

Although he became champion and scorer of the American league in 2021 (he managed to be the first Argentine in history to win the “Golden Boot”) and was the star figure of New York City, many fans millionaires they had to search for videos and references from Taty.

Powerful and skilled, the Mendoza attacker was a true nightmare for rivals in the US championship. His offensive versatility allowed him to make a difference both inside and outside the big area.. Often, he was seen to appear by surprise at the penalty spot and shake the nets; as also be delayed several meters in the field of play to have contact with the ball and string together the plays with goal danger.

If the leadership headed by Jorge Brito goes to the bottom and the negotiation prospers, the Doll will incorporate a moving gunner, with a remarkable handling of the ball and cold blood when defining. His tireless deployment on the attack front would be another key factor to fit into this River de Gallardo, which does not usually give too much prominence to static footballers.

The heat map of Valentín Castellanos, the forward that River is looking for

Castellanos heat map

The 23 goals that he converted in just 36 games they also weigh on the DT scale millionaire. And his professionalism. Beyond the sloppiness that can emerge at his young age, Castellanos, who day by day copies and “steal” the movements of Lautaro Martínez, Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland, He seems to have a very aligned life, far from controversy, as the Merlo-born coach proclaims.

I am very dedicated, very meticulous. I don’t like to be late, never, and I always go to bed early. I only reserve fun for when there are permits or free time. I take great care with my meals. I know what is right and what is wrong; I never let myself go by the side of vices or bad meetings…, which were there, because any kid from the neighborhood sees them. But I always believed in effort, and all of that influences a lot later on the court. There are many footballers who have quality, but to enhance it, the head, the environment, your family are very important. The bond that surrounds the footballer is very important to reach high. The main virtue of a footballer is the head, and then the qualities comeHe told La Nación a few weeks ago.

Valentin Castellanos

In addition, the kid, who had the blessing of Pep Guardiola (“I think he is a boy who will take the necessary step in Europe; he’s ready to take the next step in his career “), thoroughly analyzes each of his presentations to identify and improve the shortcomings of his game. “After the games, I look at them again. The club also sends us CDs, editions of images, two or three hours after having played. I am always aware of the mistakes I make”, he expressed.

How would Valentín Castellanos fit in the River de Gallardo

If your arrival is confirmed in the next few days (so far, there has only been one call from a collaborator), Guaymallén’s young talent could be an interesting attacking replacement for Núñez’s club, that in their last meetings Julián Álvarez-Braian Romero was consolidated by the company.

In the event that it shows itself in the practices and screams for ownership, Taty could move instead of the ex-Argentinos and accompany the Spider, another that boasts an incredible scoring record. They already know what it is to play together in the same shirt, because They were teammates in the Argentina Under 23 National Team during the South American Pre-Olympic Tournament held in 2020 in Colombia. And they both screamed champion.

Álvarez and Castellanos

Heat map: SofaScore

Video: All MLS

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