how was the singer before the success

Katy Perry may have reached 38 years old but she hasn’t lost the beauty that has always distinguished her. What was it like before the success? Here is the photo showing the transformation.

Katy Perry she is one of the most loved pop stars in the world and, despite the passing years and her “new life” as a mother, she continues to be an undisputed beauty icon. We’ve always been used to seeing her wonderful on stage with sophisticated, colorful and original looks, but what was she like before her success? She revealed it herself on social media, where she didn’t think twice about posting a shot of when she was very young, so as to celebrate the anniversary of the program in which she is the protagonist in an original way: this is how the singer has changed in the last 10 years.

Katy Perry shares old memory

The American Idol talent show recently turned 21 and its presenter Katy Perry wanted to celebrate the milestone in a special way: by sharing a photo taken in 2005 on social networks, that is when she celebrated her 21st birthday. In the caption she said: “When I turned 21 I rented a roller skating rink and asked McDonald’s to ‘restock’ us in the middle of the rink. Two friends broke bones but we had a lot of fun.” Soon after, she then incited followers to share their 21st birthday experiences, receiving millions of truly hilarious responses.

Katy Perry in 2017

Katy Perry in 2017

How Katy Perry has changed

What attracted the attention of the public was above all the photo that accompanied the post, in which Katy Perry appears very young and natural. She had just turned 21 and looked smiling and radiant against the backdrop of a wardrobe. She wore a cream t-shirt with fringes on the sleeves, her hair in a bob pulled back slightly and her eyebrows thin. She didn’t even have a lick of makeup on her face, but despite her soap and water look, she was absolutely gorgeous. In short, for the singer time seems to have absolutely not passed. How many would say that you have reached 38 today?

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